Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 561

Chapter 561 The Xie Family's Plans

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Xie Limo hurriedly tidied himself up. After making sure that everything had been taken care of, he sat at the head of the bed and watched Yun Bixue. He looked at the right side of her face and noticed that it looked much better now after applying the ointment.

Holding Yun Bixue’s hands, he gently kissed them and whispered warmly, “Xue, my wife. Rest well. When you wake up, everything will be alright.”

He wanted to purge the entire Ning An City—he didn’t want her to go through any danger ever again. Inside Xie Limo’s mind, he already had a concrete plan, and that was to reshuffle the power amongst the noble families in Ning An City. All his enemies would be eradicated and even replaced.

The leading household of the five noble families in Ning An City, the Fang family, knew that Young Master Xie was capable of uncovering their series of plots. Despite feeling hesitant and uneasy deep down, they planned on shifting their focus towards the South in order to play safe and preserve their powers. As soon as the lockdown would be lifted in Ning An City, they would start making their move.

However, they didn’t know that all their actions were under the Xie family’s control. Xie Liu, in particular, was directing the plan personally.

Xie Liu’s moves were swift and harsh. Therefore, the forces and money that the five noble families had transferred were entirely taken over by the team that Xie Liu had put together.

While the five families were gloating and prematurely celebrating, all their businesses began to get affected one by one. Their products were either exposed as fakes or failed to meet the production standards.

“The milk from the Fang Family contains a type of chemical. It is tasteless and colorless, but it belongs to a class of chemicals used in factories. It is exceptionally harmful and unfit for human consumption. We have uncovered several patients’ health reports in the hospital today, and regarding this, our reporter has arrived at the factory where the Fang family’s milk is being produced. Everyone, you can see the factory behind me…”

The reporter began to report every single detail from these five families’ businesses. All of them were questionable—the fashion company produced clothes using low-quality fabrics, the pharmaceutical company wasn’t as successful as advertised, the safety of the food produced by the food company was below the standards, and the real estate company was exposed to have illegally cut corners on their production costs. On the whole, everything was very risky and dangerous.

All of these were pointing straight at these five families, and they had no place to hide.

It seemed like by using such a ‘gentle’ method, the five families were already in terrible shape. They didn’t know how to handle the situation and could only apologize to the public at once. They either explained themselves or removed their products off the market temporarily.

Xie Liu said to his Xie family’s team in a cold voice, “This is only the beginning. We must take them down, step by step. This is the price they have to pay for trying to kill Young Master Xie and Young Madam.” The best had yet to come, so he hoped that these five families could hang on till then.

After all, it would be too easy if these families were to crash so soon.

Every action that the five families took and every single word that each of them said were being closely monitored by the Xie family. Every day, their moves would be reported, and Xie Liu would personally pick out the most critical updates and make some changes to the plans accordingly.

A couple of noble families who did not join the collusion secretly heaved a sigh of relief as they watched what happened to the five families recently. Fortunately, they had not joined the wrong side.

They still had some sense and could at least ensure the survival of their families. They really didn’t wish for any huge success and power at the moment—they just wanted to stay alive.

These two families also wrote down honestly how the five families had persuaded them to join. They wanted to reveal every detail of the conspiracy to Young Master Xie to show their loyalty.

However, the entire scene in Ning An City was completely controlled by Xie Limo’s mood and orders. Once Xie Limo relayed his commands, anyone who was implicated in this matter—regardless of whether he was an individual or a family—would be dealt with.

At that moment, everyone realized how incredibly precious Yun Bixue was to Xie Limo. It wasn’t just a rumor, it was the truth!