Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Unable To Kill Young Master Xie

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Regarding Xie Limo’s commands, some were frightened, while others were more than happy. The latter group always felt glad that they had been able to survive.

The five families continued to meet secretly, with the Fang family leading them. They were in the middle of a discussion to find a solution for their predicament.

“Xie Limo intentionally gave such orders to make us flustered and confused. Aren’t we doing well now? That’s why we absolutely cannot reveal any traces of our plan.”

“Yes, Brother Yang is right. We must remain calm. We’re fine now, and as long as he has nothing on us, Xie Limo wouldn’t dare to do anything to us.”

“Don’t forget that this Xie Limo is pretty tough. It was so dangerous that night, but he walked away without a scratch.”

“He’s so young, yet he has such charisma. It’s a pity that we’re going against him. He truly is so strong that he can’t be killed. We didn’t even manage to kill him even after waiting for such an opportunity for a long time.”

“What kind of power does the Xie family have? They can’t really be that terrifying, can they?”

“You’re just scaring yourself. If he’s that powerful, he would have acted long ago. He didn’t need to make a move now.”

“That’s right. We don’t have to scare ourselves.”

“We’re to stay quiet for a while, then transfer our money and businesses to the south. Before we leave, we’ll fight them till they’re helpless to retaliate. Hmph! Once we reach south, we’ll be in the Wang family’s territory. Nobody can do anything to us.”

When An Yexuan found out that Yun Bixue was still well and alive, he couldn’t describe the feeling he felt in his heart. A faint glint flashed across his eyes, but it turned dark and gloomy in a split second.

As for Su Lenghan, when he learned that Yun Bixue was safe and sound, he heaved a sigh of relief. He held his daughter in his arms while gently feeding her milk. These actions were becoming more and more familiar to him.

The nurses and doctors grew to admire him. Such careful and patient men who were full of charm were scarce nowadays. Some of them didn’t mind that he had a child, and some were even willing to become the child’s mother.

However, Su Lenghan had been utterly devastated over his relationship with Meng Xinyan. Besides Yun Bixue, he no longer had any hope when it came to women. He looked at everyone as if they were a block a wood—he didn’t feel anything towards them at all.

Of course, when taking care of his daughter, he was still filled with warm smiles.

“Yangyang, Aunt Yun is safe. We can feel at ease now. A business partner sent me a precious ointment that’s very effective in treating wounds. I’ll get someone to deliver it to Aunt Yun, okay? Daddy will be back to see you later.”

After placing his daughter in the cot, he asked the nurses to watch over her before walking out.

After a while, Meng Xinyan entered the nursery suspiciously. Everyone said that Su Lenghan treated their daughter exceptionally well, but Meng Xinyan felt upset deep down. Was it because of their daughter that he began to disregard her?

If their daughter were to be gone, things would change, right?

A maniacal glint flashed across Meng Xinyan’s eyes. Looking at the nurse, she yelled, “Are you really taking care of my daughter? Look at her! Her clothes are sloppy! And it’s so warm in here! Why is she wearing a hat? Get out of my sight!”

Meng Xinyan was deliberately coming up with an excuse to chase the nurse away.

“Young Master Su said… He said he’ll come back in a short while… He wanted me to take care of her…”

“Are you thinking of becoming my daughter’s stepmother? I’m still around, so you can stop your wishful thinking!”

In reality, the nurse had grown fond of Su Lenghan after seeing how he took care of the baby. She did harbor such thoughts in her mind, but after Meng Xinyan said those words, she became disappointed and pondered for a while. After all, Meng Xinyan was the baby’s biological mother. The nurse could only walk out of the door.

Once the nurse left the nursery, Meng Xinyan looked furtively around. Seeing that she was all alone, her heart thumped. She stared hard at her daughter and wondered how she could be so hideous. She definitely wasn’t her child. She thought that it must be because of her daughter that Su Lenghan treated her so coldly.

A diabolical thought came to her as Meng Xinyan walked over to the baby’s cot. She reached out and slowly placed her hands on the baby’s neck. After shaking her daughter for a few times, she began to choke her with great force.