Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Meng Xinyan Wants To Kill Her Daughter

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“Waa! Waa!” The baby’s wailing rang loudly.

The moment Meng Xinyan heard her cry, her heart shuddered a few times. This was the first time she was trying to kill someone. In addition to that, she was trying to kill her own daughter. Although she was maniacal, she still felt fear deep down.

The louder the baby cried, the more anxious she became. After shivering a few times, she began to apply even more force. She was afraid that the baby’s cries would draw someone in.

The nurse, who had just stepped out of the nursery, hadn’t walked far away. Young Master Su had instructed her to look after his child, so she couldn’t just leave like that. From a short distance away, she heard the baby’s cries and ran inside immediately.

Seeing the scene before her, the nurse almost passed out. “What are you doing?” She dashed over quickly and flung Meng Xinyan’s hands away.

Her chest heaved up and down as she stared in shock at Meng Xinyan with widened eyes. Unbelievable. How could there be such a cruel mother in this world?

The child had just come into this world. She hadn’t even taken a good look at her baby, and she wanted to kill her.

She was a pediatric nurse and had seen countless mothers brimming with love for their child. Meng Xinyan was the only one who was different.

The nurse hurriedly picked the baby up and comforted her. Looking at the marks on her neck, the nurse felt her heart ache uncontrollably. Even a stranger like her felt upset. Was Meng Xinyan’s heart made of stone?

The baby wailed incessantly.

Su Lenghan had just arrived downstairs. He didn’t know why, but he could feel that his daughter was crying. Perhaps it was his gut feeling. Feeling uneasy, he quickly walked back inside the elevator and went up again.

As soon as he entered the nursery, he saw Meng Xinyan standing there while the nurse was comforting the baby.

Su Lenghan took his daughter from the nurse.

Meng Xinyan snapped out of her shock and had a sudden idea. “Lenghan, I’m here to see my daughter. It’s this nurse who made her cry. She was choking our daughter. It’s her!” Because she felt afraid, Meng Xinyan tried to shift the blame to someone else and accused the nurse.

The nurse was stunned as she stared at Meng Xinyan. Despite opening her mouth, she didn’t know what to say. She simply couldn’t react to this accusation.

Su Lenghan no longer trusted Meng Xinyan. Looking at the nurse, he ordered, “Tell me what happened.” When he saw the red marks on his daughter’s neck, his heart shuddered.

His daughter cried endlessly. It was the first time he felt afraid of the sound of crying, and he frantically tried his best to comfort her.

The nurse revealed everything that she had witnessed honestly. Naturally, Meng Xinyan denied everything and even tried to malign the nurse.

Su Lenghan widened his eyes at Meng Xinyan. Glaring at her, he asked, “Meng Xinyan, do you think that I’ll still believe you? There’s a CCTV camera just outside this door. Once I look through the footage, I will know who’s lying here.” As he spoke, the hatred in his eyes was intense.

Meng Xinyan didn’t dare to meet Su Lenghan’s eyes. “No, no… You cannot watch…” She started to panic now. She had wanted to kill her daughter but had been afraid. Now, she was utterly lost for words.

Su Lenghan already knew what had happened. If it had been a stranger, he would have killed him, but Meng Xinyan was the mother of his daughter. His heart ached, but there was nothing he could do about it.

After this incident, Su Lenghan consulted the doctors. If the situation at home would permit it, he was allowed to bring the baby home. However, because she was a premature baby, there were many things that he had to consider.

Even if Su Lenghan had to spend a large amount of money, he was still bent on bringing his daughter home. Furthermore, he had given a strict order—Meng Xinyan was not allowed to step inside the Su family home ever again.

Regardless of how much noise Meng Xinyan made, Su Lenghan didn’t change his mind. He was utterly disappointed with her. He no longer harbored any hope in her.

“If you’re still unsatisfied, the Su family will not fork out a single cent for the costs for your hospitalization and confinement.” He wasn’t trying to be cruel. It was Meng Xinyan who had gradually forced him to make this decision.