Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Mr. Xie's Questions

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Looking at Yun Bixue, who was frantic and unnerved the moment she woke up, Xie Limo’s heart began to hurt intensely once more. He held the glass of water in one hand and gently patted her back with the other. “You’re okay. Everything’s fine. You’re here by my side now. This won’t happen ever again… I’m here. This is not a dream. It’s real…”

Because he knew that she must have been frightened, he insisted on watching over her. Fortunately, he was here when she woke up, so he was the first person she saw.

Xie Limo patiently comforted Yun Bixue as he softly patted her back.

When Yun Bixue calmed down, Xie Limo asked warmly, “Drink some water first, okay? Your throat is dry because you’ve been asleep for such a long time. We can talk later.” As he spoke, he rested his face beside Yun Bixue’s cheek.

However, a dark glint flashed across his eyes when he thought about the handprint on her face.

Being hugged and comforted by Xie Limo, Yun Bixue felt calmer deep down. She raised her head shyly and basked in his embrace.

Really, she just embarrassed herself again. She appeared too weak now, and she wasn’t as strong as she usually was at all.

She had clearly told herself that she needed to become more powerful, but why did she reveal her most fragile side the moment she saw Xie Limo? He would only feel more worried this way.

Yun Bixue took in a deep breath and regained her composure. She sat up and out of Xie Limo’s embrace. Picking up the glass of water in his hands, she began gulping it down.

“Drink slowly. There’s more. No one is fighting you for it.”

Yun Bixue raised her head and met the intense pain in Xie Limo’s eyes. Her heart began to shudder as well. “Limo, did you not sleep, eat, and rest well? Why did you end up like this?” He looked so tired that heart ached so much.

“I’m fine. After meeting Wang Qianjin, do you think I’m ugly now?”

Yun Bixue placed the glass of water on the nightstand. Leaning close to Xie Limo, she gently caressed his eyes and said, “Wang Qianjin means nothing to me. He can’t be compared to my hubby, Mr. Xie. To me, you’re not ugly at all. I just thought that your eyes are so red. I feel so sad looking at them.” It was true. Looking at him in this state, her heart wrenched, and she felt unhappy.

In reality, she couldn’t really describe how she felt towards Wang Qianjin. He hadn’t really crossed the line this time around. He even saved her. Nevertheless, she still thought that that man was dangerous. Her heart had been continuously on alert, and she was exhausted.

Not only that, but she had been worried about Xie Limo and missed him very much. She was even more afraid that Xie Limo would agree to Wang Qianjin’s terms for her sake. That was why she came back herself.

It was only when she came home that she could feel completely at ease.

After being reminded of Wang Qianjin, Xie Limo grabbed Yun Bixue’s shoulders and asked, “Did he do anything to you? Did he hit you?”

Looking at the murderous intent glowing in Xie Limo’s eyes, Yun Bixue shook her head. “He didn’t do anything actually. I just don’t like the way he speaks and does things. Besides, he’s your enemy, and he was definitely plotting something.”

“Then why is there a handprint on your face?” Xie Limo still felt worried. Every injury she suffered felt like a cut in his heart.

Yun Bixue covered her right cheek instantly and lowered her head to avoid his eyes. Judging by Xie Limo’s dominant personality, if he were to find out that she had hit herself, he would lose his mind!

The moment Yun Bixue covered her cheek, Xie Limo noticed that her hand matched the handprint, and a sudden realization flashed across his eyes. “My dear wife, did you actually hit yourself? Hmm?” Every single injury she sustained hurt him uncontrollably. She had actually hit herself? Wasn’t she just trying to stab him in his heart?