Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 568

Chapter 568 : Yun Bilus Negotiation

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Huang Yize’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at Yun Bilu walking forward with an air of confidence and pride. This girl was born with a strong character—unwilling to bow down to anyone—but because of that character, she would have a chance of surviving in the Black Dragon Gang.

When Yun Bilu stepped inside the café, a man and a woman welcomed her, bringing her to the luxurious hall on the third floor.

“Miss, Miss Xiamu is already waiting inside. Please come in.”

The moment the door opened, Yun Bilu saw a woman in front of a round table, and her expression shifted slightly.

With the sun’s ray draping over her, the woman was exceptionally beautiful. With a long white dress and a hair that was bunned up without a single strand out of place, she looked ethereal.

It was as if she stepped out from a painting.

Hearing the door open, the woman turned to her and smiled elegantly. “Are you Miss Yun?”

Before Yun Bilu came, she pictured Miss Xiamu numerous times. She could be arrogant and domineering. She could be proud as a peacock. She could be two-faced…

But she never expected her to look so kind.

Yun Bilu had prepared what she wanted to say beforehand, so to not lose the lead, but looking at the woman in front of her, she could only smile. “Hello, Miss Xiamu. Yes, I’m Yun Bilu.”

“Please take a seat.”

After sitting down, the two chatted casually for a while before Yun Bilu breached on the topic. “Miss Xiamu is a busy person, but you still came to meet me, so I guess someone had already revealed some information to you with regards to what’s going on behind the president.”

Xiamu Qingyan swirled the coffee in her hands before sipping. Like a pleasant spring breeze, she spoke, “That’s correct. He’s my fiancé, so I obviously want to know more about him. Miss Yun would be able to enlighten me more about this, am I wrong?”

Yun Bilu stared at Xiamu Qingyan. Just from these few sentences, she felt that it was highly possible that this woman was two-faced, and she used her pure facade to cover everything. Her smile looked a little stiff after all.

Without changing her tone, Yun Bilu replied, “If Miss Xiamu wishes to know, I will, of course, tell you, but you need to consider carefully and prepare yourself.”

“Yes, Ziye’s matters are my matters as well.”

The corner of Yun Bilu’s lips twitched. She felt the beautiful facade crumbling apart. This Miss Xiamu gave off a weird feeling, and it felt like she was difficult to deal with. She was not natural or real at all.

Only a woman could see through another woman.

Yun Bilu did not want to beat around the bush. “Miss Xiamu, do you know about your fiancé’s lover?”

“Lover? How is that possible?” Xiamu Qingyan’s voice raised a notch. However, she immediately lowered her head, as though realizing something, before continuing in a soft voice, “I’m sorry. I was just too shocked.”

Yun Bilu wanted to say that her true self was already exposed, but she could only continue this farce with Miss Xiamu. She was no longer anxious to speak and just sipped her coffee. After half an hour, Xiamu Qingyan couldn’t take it any longer and asked her.

Yun Bilu only answered when she was asked. The power of this conversation was in her hands.

Finally, she revealed her motive and took out Bai Yaoyao’s handwritten letter. “She doesn’t mean any harm. It’s your fiancé who trapped her there. If you want to protect your marriage, it’s better to get Mr. President to let her go. If this gets out to the public, I’m afraid it wouldn’t look good for the Xiamu family.”

“What man doesn’t have a mistress? It will be fine after the wedding.”

Yun Bilu couldn’t help but chuckle in response, and she said in a languid voice, “If Miss Xiamu doesn’t mind it, then I’m sorry for disturbing. When the time comes, and he falls in love with the mistress, things like doting on the mistress while neglecting the wife is not uncommon since ancient times.” After saying this, Yun Bilu stood up and left with Bai Yaoyao’s letter.