Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Cherish Whats In Front Of Your Eyes

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Yun Bilu’s aura was natural and elegant. Seeing that she was about to leave the hall, Xiamu Qingyan spoke up immediately, “Miss Yun, please wait.”

Yun Bilu smiled to herself when she heard that. Before turning around, she furrowed her brows and asked, “Is there anything else you wish to say, Miss Xiamu?”

Xiamu Qingyan invited Yun Bilu to sit down once again before discussing the conditions, but it was hard for her to put pressure on Yun Bilu.

“I love Ziye, and I don’t want to make things difficult for him. Men often play around outside after all.”

Yun Bilu scrunched her face. “Playing outside? If that is truly what Miss Xiamu thinks, then how much playing is needed before it’s considered true? The members of the Xiamu family can definitely enforce the pressure. You don’t even have to make an appearance, so isn’t that good?”

“Please let me think about it.”

Yun Bilu looked out of the window and said, “Mr. President seems to be enamored with her. If they bore a child, it would only cause a disaster!”

Xiamu Qingyan gritted her teeth. “Alright, I will get my father to do it. Whatever that woman’s name is, I won’t ask more about her. I only hope that she will leave Country E. The further, the better.”

“Of course, as someone who is speaking and acting on her behalf, I want her to leave as far as possible too.” Yun Bilu did not wish to reveal too much information to Xiamu Qingyan.

Xiamu Qingyan was someone who had her tricks too, but she was too cosseted and pampered by her family, so she was a little ignorant about men and social affairs. Furthermore, Yun Bilu had grown up through thick and thin with her elder sister, so she had experienced more and was more knowledgeable. This allowed her to put pressure on this Miss from a prestigious family without much effort.

When she left the café, she sat on Huang Yize’s car, and they drove off.

While Huang Yize was driving, Yun Bilu excitedly described the colorful encounter. “This Miss Xiamu pretended to be pure and innocent. I was almost tricked by her appearance at first, but her expressions were too stiff and fake.”

Seeing the confused look on Yun Bilu’s face, Huang Yize said, “Nowadays, it’s not rare for people from noble families to undergo plastic surgery.”

This revelation struck Yun Bilu. “She had plastic surgery? No wonder her face seemed so fake. The president has really been duped by her.”

“I’ve checked Xirong Ziye’s information. Although it has been covered up, there were still traces of it. His first love married someone else. It’s very possible that Xiamu Qingyan knew about that, so she went under the knife to look more similar to his first love. There are people who stubbornly wanted what they can’t have. Perhaps Xirong Ziye knew about Xiamu Qingyan’s plastic surgery, but he’d rather keep up with the false facade rather than destroying it.”

Yun Bilu acknowledged his explanation, her eyes shining brightly as she turned to look at him. “Huang Yize, are you one of them as well?”

Huang Yize turned his head and saw the bright glint in Yun Bilu’s eyes. His expression stiffened as he became uncomfortable at being put on the spot. “What are you thinking about? There are different kinds of people in this world. Do you think you will long for things you cannot get?”

“I won’t. I will only cherish what’s in front of me.” She had been through so much with her elder sister, so naturally, she knew how to cherish the people around her. As for the past and the things that did not exist, it was useless longing for them.

“It’s the same for men and women.”

Yun Bilu put her finger on her mouth as she thought about it. When Huang Yize implied that he cherished what was in front of him, did it mean that he cherished her as well?

Thinking about it, a sort of blissful feeling sprouted from her heart, and she smiled with her head bowed down.

Huang Yize’s expression softened after noticing Yun Bilu’s silly and smiling face, but he didn’t tease her.

When he turned on the radio, it was all news about President Xirong Ziye—about where he was greeting or visiting.

In a fit, Yun Bilu wanted to change the channel but was stopped by Huang Yize’s hand. He lowered his head and whispered into Yun Bilu’s ears, “Knowing yourself and your enemy will allow you the best chance of winning.”