Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Yun Bixue Begins Her Wrath

As she listened to Yang Mei report on the recent updates, Yun Bixue nodded in satisfaction. Yang Mei's efficiency at completing her tasks was reassuring to Yun Bixue.

"Miss, the candidates that you requested for Yun Zhongmu have been selected. There are three in total. This is their information for your appraisal, Miss Yun." Yang Mei passed the documents in her hands to Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue looked through the information on the three candidates. It even contained records of what they each experienced more than twenty years ago. Their flaws were even more clearly noted down.

"Okay, very good. Let the three of them try to sleep with my youngest uncle in their own way. If they manage to aggravate Yang Siru, they will naturally be rewarded." Thinking of Yang Siru, Yun Bixue's eyes narrowed dangerously. This was only the beginning; Yang Siru can look forward to her slow and painful suffering in the near future.

"Has there been any new developments in the Shen family's mining base?" Since Xie Limo had given her that file on the Shen family, she would put it to good use.

"The Shen family's mining business is banking on the Jia family's reputation. The Jia family is a foreign household that has also recently gained its riches. There have been several deaths caused by a mining accident, but this was covered up by the Jia family through bribery."

"Yes, regardless of how secretive their relationship is, it will still be unearthed in the end. Search for the families of those who perished and let them sign an agreement. Incite them to make a huge fuss on the matter, as chaotic as possible, then reveal the connection between the Shen and Jia family. This will cause the Shen family to lose their status and it will take away one of the old witch's backers," Yun Bixue calmly commanded, her eyes gleaming with coldness.

Uncle Liu was perturbed. "Miss, why not just break off all of Old Lady Shen's backing supports?"

"Breaking them all off at once is too boring. Don't you think that they would try to retaliate? Watching them rack their brains and exhaust all their options is more interesting." Why would she let Old Lady Shen suffer only once? The Shen family would be going after her life so why would she give up such a good opportunity? The better part of the show was yet to come.

Uncle Liu felt rather relieved. She had finally grown up, and her thoughts were even more meticulous than his now.

Yun Bixue tapped on the table. Displaying her noble and sharp aura, she resembled a phoenix soaring with wide-spread wings. Such matters of life and death were at her fingertips.

"Miss, the Shen family's main business is not mining, but financial banking!"

"Oh, banks..." Yun Bixue mumbled under her breath, making it hard to decipher her emotions.

After some contemplation, she said casually, "Hmm, if we force the Shen family until they're left with no choice but to use the bank's money, wouldn't it damage the public's trust in them eventually?" Yun Bixue had only briefly brought it up, but Uncle Liu and Yang Mei were amazed. Only Miss Yun would have such an idea.

After relaying all her instructions, Yun Bixue left for the hospital to visit her grandfather and only returned home at night.

There had been no episodes in the past few days, and her grandfather had regained consciousness. Yun Bixue leaned beside Old Master Yun's bed and accompanied him while chatting. Xie Limo also paid a visit and brought some gifts.

"Grandfather, this is the person I talked to you about, Xie Limo. We're married." Saying this at this point in time, Yun Bixue felt as though it was only natural and inevitable.

"I already know. Limo is a nice child. The two of you must get along well. There should be mutual understanding and consideration between married couples and more importantly, there needs to be mutual trust." He was old, but his vision was clear. He had always believed his granddaughter deserved better.


"Ah... Good lad!" Old Master Yun cheered up, and his complexion brightened.

Yun Bixue was rather confused. Why did it feel as if her grandfather had already met Xie Limo long before this? She was also clueless how Xie Limo had managed to convince her grandfather and that he didn't ask for any other details on the entire process.

That day, Miao Zifu followed along An Yexuan for a meal, and a seemingly tipsy man approached her. "Fu, my flower, it's you. It really is you..." In his agitated state, the man dashed towards Miao Zifu.