Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 570

Chapter 570 You Have To Watch Movies When Youre Dating

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The deep and moving voice right next to Yun Bilu’s ear slid its way directly into her heart, causing her heart to palpitate. Huang Yize’s faint fragrance tickled at her senses, and her expression became slightly stupefied. Her mouth suddenly itched, and her heart felt empty—it felt like she wanted to do something.

However, when she recovered and turned to look at him, he was already focused on his driving.

Huang Yize’s driving figure was handsome beyond measure, and his entire body exuded his natural confidence. People were unable to keep their eyes off his charm and appeal.

His exquisite perfection made people want to lean on him and hug him.

When Yun Bilu realized what she was thinking, she was taken aback. This was bad—she was like a predator and a female gangster. It was a relief that she still had her rational thinking.

Yun Bilu thought about it. She had been together with Huang Yize for such a long time, but they had done nothing other than holding hands. What sticking to each other like glue? She felt nothing of that sort.

From the looks of it, she had to think of ways for the two of them to progress further.

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu, who was quiet all this time, and a glint flashed across his eyes. This girl had never been this quiet. Looking at her shiny eyes, he knew that she was thinking of something again.

The corners of Huang Yize’s mouth tilted up slightly. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing much.” Yun Bilu would never admit that she was fantasizing about her demigod boyfriend.

Other peoples’ boyfriends couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. They hated that they couldn’t hug and kiss their girlfriends, but her boyfriend was always so calm. Instead, it was she who could not…

Ah! How confusing. Dating was frying all her brain cells.

After a while, Yun Bilu coughed lightly before asking, “Huang Yize, we are dating, right?”

Huang Yize’s magnificent brows twitched. “Hm?”

With that suspicious answer, Yun Bilu almost swallowed her next words. “Huang Yize, when people are dating, they will take their girlfriends to shop or watch movies or eat. After that, they…” She was going to say kiss, but she chickened out and didn’t say it in the end.

“You don’t think that we’re dating?”

Yun Bilu thought about it. Other than not taking her to the movies and not kissing, he fulfilled all other criteria. Not only that, but the places where he brought her were all places she loved too.

Huang Yize stopped at the red light and looked at Yun Bilu with an enigmatic smile, waiting for her next words.

Yun Bilu mustered her courage and said, “Well, can you take me out to watch a movie? There’s this romance movie that’s now showing, so let’s watch that.” Her roommates all said that the dark atmosphere inside the movie theater was the perfect place for kissing. It was said that kisses were as sweet as candy floss—just the thought of it made her hungry.

“Alright, if you want to watch it, I’ll take you there.” He thought that with Yun Bilu’s character, she would not have the patience to finish such a dragging movie. Who would’ve thought that she would like it?

“Okay.” Yun Bilu was looking forward to that day. She remembered the beautiful dress that her elder sister gave her the other time and decided that she would wear that. She would dress prettily on their movie date.

That night, Yun Bilu laid on her bed while thinking about their movie and dinner tomorrow, and she couldn’t help but giggle out loud.

When Xiao Huan heard Yun Bilu’s giggle, she asked, “What’s wrong with Bilu? Did something happen?”

“She’s giggling so happily. Why are my goosebumps showing up? Could she be scheming against Young Master Huang?”

“Young Master Huang is the slyest fox. He will just eat her up, so that’s impossible.”

“Well, that means both of them did ‘that’ already.”

Yun Bilu immediately sat up from her bed. “Don’t let your imaginations run wild. I’m just going to watch a movie with him tomorrow night.” She had already planned the initial steps for tomorrow’s date.