Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Young Master Huang Is Slow To Warm

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Chu Xin was rather perplexed. “You’re this happy because of a movie? Tell us the truth. What’s going on?”

Xiao Nan touched her chin before saying, “The night is dark, and the moon hangs high up in the sky. It’s the perfect setting to do some meaningful things.”

Yun Bilu fidgeted for a while. When she saw the three pairs of eyes watching her keenly, she rubbed her head and said hesitatingly, “You guys know that Huang Yize and I have only held hands. We haven’t even k-kissed…” After speaking, Yun Bilu leaned her head on the bed and scratched at the mattress with her fingers.

Xiao Huan asked in a shocked voice, “That’s not good. The two of you have been together for such a long time.”

“Young Master Huang is different from the others. He’s slow to warm to everything. Don’t forget that Bilu chased after him for so long before he finally accepted. Naturally, when they will kiss will be different from others as well.”

“Don’t tell me they’ll have to wait for another year?”

“Come here. We’ll tell you what to do.” Chu Xin waved Yun Bilu over, and the latter’s ears opened up and listened to them carefully.

She remembered their words in her heart.

Xiao Nan thought for a while before speaking, “One more thing, a woman’s tears is her trump card. You must cry, especially when you’re watching a movie. You have to cry a lot. Once he sees you crying, he will definitely pass you a piece of tissue and wipe your tears. Ah, Young Master Huang wiping your tears away… Isn’t that a wonderful thought?”

Yun Bilu nodded. It sounded nice indeed, but was he that kind of person? He was as cold as an ice block after all.

The next day, Huang Yize arrived at her dormitory to pick her up.

Normally at this time, there were not many people going in and out of the dormitory, but because of Young Master Huang’s presence today, the place was bustling than usual.

Everyone wanted to take a peek at Young Master Huang. Even though he had already landed in the hands of Yun Bilu, that did not affect the secret affection they had for their idol. A single glance was enough to brighten their mood and make them ridiculously happy. It would be even better if he were to appear in their dreams.

A lot of people entered and left the dormitory numerous times.

Huang Yize was in the dark about all these. He stood coldly at the side with his hand in his pocket as he silently looked at the door, seemingly searching for Yun Bilu.

Earlier in the morning, he told her what time he would pick her up. When he showed up, he didn’t bother calling her since he did not want to rush her. What if she fell down the stairs because she was in a hurry?

That was why he just waited outside.

Meanwhile, Yun Bilu saw that it was only four thirty in the afternoon. Since Huang Yize said that he would pick her up at five o’clock, she took her time and changed facing the mirror. Her hair was bunned up as well.

“Our Little Lulu cares about her appearance now. How pretty.”

“Stop looking at the mirror. Don’t worry, you’re very pretty today. I’m sure you can dazzle Young Master Huang and capture his full attention.”

Yun Bilu’s face flushed in happiness. She was nervous and, at the same time, looking forward to it. This feeling was incredible, and her world seemed like it was shining in a brilliant hue.

At that moment, the door burst open, revealing Xiao Nan holding her bag. She frantically said, “Bilu, why are you still here? Young Master Huang is waiting for you downstairs. You have no idea how bustling the dorm gates are right now. I have never seen it so crowded.”

Yun Bilu’s jaw dropped. She quickly grabbed her phone and looked at it. “Didn’t he say five o’clock? Why is he so early? He didn’t even call me when he arrived.”

Xiao Nan flung her bag on her bed and said, “I’m going to drink some water. I ran all the way up here to let you know right away. You’re stunning. Go down quickly. I finally got a taste of how much people sought after Young Master Huang’s charms.” After saying all these, she chugged down a glass of water.

Yun Bilu wasted no time. She quickly grabbed her wallet and cell phone and stuffed them into her purse. After wearing her socks and shoes, she raced downstairs with her purse in her hand, as though she was rushing to go to the land of bliss.