Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Young Master Huang Is Slow To Warm

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Chu Xin was rather perplexed. "Youre this happy because of a movie? Tell us the truth. Whats going on?"

Xiao Nan touched her chin before saying, "The night is dark, and the moon hangs high up in the sky. Its the perfect setting to do some meaningful things."

Yun Bilu fidgeted for a while. When she saw the three pairs of eyes watching her keenly, she rubbed her head and said hesitatingly, "You guys know that Huang Yize and I have only held hands. We havent even k-kissed" After speaking, Yun Bilu leaned her head on the bed and scratched at the mattress with her fingers.

Xiao Huan asked in a shocked voice, "Thats not good. The two of you have been together for such a long time."

"Young Master Huang is different from the others. Hes slow to warm to everything. Dont forget that Bilu chased after him for so long before he finally accepted. Naturally, when they will kiss will be different from others as well."

"Dont tell me theyll have to wait for another year?"

"Come here. Well tell you what to do." Chu Xin waved Yun Bilu over, and the latters ears opened up and listened to them carefully.

She remembered their words in her heart.

Xiao Nan thought for a while before speaking, "One more thing, a womans tears is her trump card. You must cry, especially when youre watching a movie. You have to cry a lot. Once he sees you crying, he will definitely pass you a piece of tissue and wipe your tears. Ah, Young Master Huang wiping your tears away Isnt that a wonderful thought?"

Yun Bilu nodded. It sounded nice indeed, but was he that kind of person? He was as cold as an ice block after all.

The next day, Huang Yize arrived at her dormitory to pick her up.

Normally at this time, there were not many people going in and out of the dormitory, but because of Young Master Huangs presence today, the place was bustling than usual.

Everyone wanted to take a peek at Young Master Huang. Even though he had already landed in the hands of Yun Bilu, that did not affect the secret affection they had for their idol. A single glance was enough to brighten their mood and make t