Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Really Kissed

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When Huang Yize grabbed Yun Bilu’s hand, she didn’t dare to move at all, especially after hearing his stern words. She simply thought that it was really itchy and unbearable. “What happened to my face?”

“You might have an allergic reaction. Let’s get out first.”

The moment she heard that she could be having an allergic reaction, Yun Bilu was shocked. After she was dragged out of the movie theater by Huang Yize, she looked at her reflection in front of a building made from glass. It was just as though she was looking into a mirror.

She saw that tiny bumps had appeared on her skin. She covered her face with her hands and exclaimed, “Ahh! What’s this? Why have I become so ugly?”

“Stop moving around. You could be allergic to something. I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to be ugly. I don’t want to look so hideous. You won’t want me anymore…” Yun Bilu wanted to escape from Huang Yize and run away.

However, Huang Yize was having none of it. He held both her hands as he dragged her forward with him. He also comforted her continuously. “You’re not ugly. Your allergic reaction is just temporary.”

“I’ve never been like this before. What happened today? I must be being punished for trying to do those things to you.”

Huang Yize heard those words and paused in his steps. He turned around and looked at Yun Bilu. “What did you just say?”

“I said I’m being punished for wanting to do those things to you. I won’t dare to think those thoughts about you anymore. I want my face back to normal!”

Huang Yize tightened his grip on Yun Bilu’s hand. “Hurry up then and go to the hospital with me. You’ll only get better that way. It’s useless for you to just talk like this.”

He finally knew why this girl was so persistent in watching a movie. She had actually been planning those things.

While Huang Yize was driving, he was also trying to stop Yun Bilu from scratching her face.

But it was just too itchy. Yun Bilu couldn’t take it at all. “Huang Yize, drive faster. I must be really hideous now.”

“Stop touching your face. If you continue scratching, your face will be scarred. You won’t look pretty on your elder sister’s wedding then.”

“Okay, Huang Yize, I’ll be good. You’ll help me, right? My face will definitely become better.”

“Your allergic reaction is just mild. Your face is only slightly red and bumpy. I think it would clear up after you take some medicine. Anyway, what kind of thoughts were you thinking about me?”

When Yun Bilu heard Huang Yize’s question, she finally realized that she had impulsively said something earlier. She frantically tried to change the topic. “It’s nothing. It’s nothing at all.” She would never admit it!

After arriving at the hospital, Huang Yize parked the car. He turned around and leaned over, trapping Yun Bilu between his arm and the passenger’s seat. Lowering his head, he looked into Yun Bilu’s eyes and asked, “Look at me and tell me. Is there really nothing?”

“H-Hey— Don’t come so close to me. I look ugly now.” The heavens would know how enticing he looked when he was so close to her now. Just taking in his dark scent made her unable to control herself. What if she just pounced on him like a hungry tigress?

Huang Yize inched closer and closer to Yun Bilu. She could only retreat backward. Finally, she rested her head against the seat, and she couldn’t move anymore. “You…” At that moment, Yun Bilu’s mind blanked out. She was at a loss of what to say, and she didn’t know how to react at all.

Huang Yize got even closer to Yun Bilu. The two of them were almost glued together. Looking at the lady before him, he stared hard at her red and beautiful lips. He only wanted to scare her, but somehow, he ended up getting so close to her.

She was his lady. He wouldn’t be unaffected by her whenever she was around. Initially, he just wanted to peck her on the lips, but this intimate contact had set his cold heart on fire. A warm blaze burned through him.