Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Are You Inviting Me?

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Yun Bilu nodded. Later, she would go back and think about those words.

“Don’t let your thoughts run wild all day long.” Huang Yize knew that this girl had low EQ, so he didn’t know how to explain to her.

He continued to drag her cute and meek figure inside the hospital. He didn’t register her and simply walked straight to the elevator and pushed the eighth-floor button.

Yun Bilu looked at the people lining up to register and mumbled, “Huang Yize, don’t we have to register first?”

“No need.”

When they arrived on the eighth floor, Huang Yize brought her into a dermatologist clinic. After flashing a card, he got the best doctor to attend to her.

The doctor said that she had eaten something that she was allergic to. He asked a series of questions, and she answered them one by one. In the end, the doctor explained that it was the combination of the fish and the spiciness that caused the allergic reaction.

He prescribed some medicine for her to consume and a medicated cream to apply on her face.

“Doctor, when will my face recover?”

“It depends. The fastest is within one to two days. Sometimes, it can take up to five days.”

After coming out of the hospital, Yun Bilu was rather upset. Did she have to live with this face for such a long time? Everyone will laugh at her when she went back to school.

Huang Yize had never seen this girl look so down before. “It’ll get better very soon. Why are you sad?”

“I know, but everyone will make fun of me at school.”

“Do you care about such things?” In the past, Yun Bilu always appeared to be fearless. However, he didn’t really understand girls. No matter how carefree she was, she still wanted to look pretty.

Yun Bilu nodded. She definitely cared deep down. She was Huang Yize’s girlfriend and had to look after her image at all times in order to be worthy of him. Otherwise, those naysayers at school would start groundless rumors again.

Huang Yize hesitated and said, “If you don’t want to return, I’ll apply for a two-day leave for you. I’ll take you somewhere.”

Yun Bilu’s eyes lit up. “Where are we going?”

A clear glint flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes after seeing Yun Bilu perking up. He emitted a mysterious aura as he answered, “You’ll know when we get there.”

In the end, Huang Yize brought her to a villa facing east. His car slowly entered past the guards outside the large gates. After parking the car, he brought Yun Bilu inside.

The place looked like it was from the olden days. Yun Bilu saw a bed of flowers growing in the garden, and the paths were paved by tiny rocks.

Yun Bilu felt as though she was a dream. “It’s so pretty here.”

“This is a villa that’s registered under my name. If you don’t want to go back to school yet, you can take a leave and stay here. Rest well. You don’t have to worry about your classes.” Earlier, he called the school and requested to postpone her lessons for the next couple of days.

Hearing those words, Yun Bilu felt somewhat nervous. Was she really going to stay in Huang Yize’s villa? Would they be caught up in their strong passion for each other?

Huang Yize was giving instructions to the servants looking after the garden and cleaning the house. When he was done, he turned to leave, but his arm was grabbed by Yun Bilu. She said in a low voice, “Um… If you don’t stay here with me, I’ll feel uncomfortable.” She was not used to this place. Without Huang Yize around, this place would feel too foreign to her. She might as well return to school.

Huang Yize turned around and looked at Yun Bilu. He whispered, “Yun Bilu, do you know what you’re saying? Do you have any idea what you’re asking for?”

Yun Bilu looked at the waves crashing through Huang Yize’s eyes. They could almost engulf and overwhelm her. She swallowed as her heart pounded. After some hesitation, she answered, “I know. Stay here with me. I… I’m not used to this place by myself.”

She didn’t know why, but she felt flustered as Huang Yize stared at her with that look in his eyes.