Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Sleeping In The Same House

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Huang Yize stepped closer to Yun Bilu. Without hesitating, he tugged her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist. He bent down and whispered in her ear, “Bilu, you’re inviting me in now. Do you know that?”

“I-I’m not… We’re not going to sleep in the same room.” Although she had an easygoing personality, Chu Xin from her dormitory knew a lot and shared some things with her.

Huang Yize’s warm breath beside her ear sent shivers down her entire body. This made her automatically think of their kiss earlier, making her face flush a deep red.

Huang Yize felt helpless. Didn’t this girl know that all men were dangerous creatures?

Cradling her waist, he pulled her into his embrace and stared down at her clear eyes. He had to teach her a lesson so she could learn to put her guard up against such men. “If it were any other guy, will you also ask him to stay under the same roof?”

Without even having to think twice, Yun Bilu replied, “Of course not. It’s not possible if it’s some other guy. You’re different. Besides, you have to help me apply the cream.”

Yun Bilu’s reply dissipated the dark aura surrounding Huang Yize, and the tense atmosphere turned into something more gentle. “So, you’re saying that if it’s me, it’s okay?”

Yun Bilu recovered and pushed Huang Yize away before saying angrily, “You’re playing with me.”

“What a silly girl. I’m telling you how dangerous men are.”

“You’re not just ‘anyone,’ okay? You’re my boyfriend.”

He had to hand it to her—she had a way with words that never failed to make him happy. “You’re not scared that I will do something to you?”

“I know you won’t.” Yun Bilu had confidence that Huang Yize wouldn’t hurt her. She might be nervous and afraid if he were to do something, but she probably wouldn’t reject him.

Nonetheless, her elder sister had advised before that she needed to protect herself and shouldn’t do ‘that thing’ that early.

Since it was already past eleven in the evening, Huang Yize got Yun Bilu to sit down. He poured water for her to take with the medicine before letting her close her eyes so he could apply the medicated cream.

The cream had a cooling effect on her skin, and the coldness of Huang Yize’s fingers caused Yun Bilu’s heart to pound furiously.

“Okay, I’m done. Don’t move around when you sleep later. If you do, I have no choice but to sleep in the same room with you tomorrow.”

Yun Bilu nodded immediately and assured him. “I will definitely not move.”

That night, she slept in a room on the second floor, while Huang Yize slept in a room on the first floor.

Although it was quite late, Yun Bilu had a hard time falling asleep. Her bed was huge, even for two people.

Yun Bilu closed her eyes and thought to herself, “Yun Bilu, stop letting your imagination run wild.”

The thought of him staying a floor below her made her feel extremely satisfied. On top of that, they kissed today. Their relationship finally progressed further. It felt really great.

Somehow, she really wanted him to accompany her. Even if it was just innocent cuddling while sleeping, it would’ve been nice.

Thinking about those, Yun Bilu rubbed her head. This was bad—she was becoming more and more greedy. Her friends from the dormitory already said that Huang Yize was a person who was slow to warm, but she still wanted to progress further with him.

The next morning, Yun Bilu woke up to the aroma of dishes. She rose from the bed and went downstairs with her hair flowing behind her. When she saw Huang Yize walking out of the kitchen clad in an apron, she was startled and pointed her finger at him.

Looking at Yun Bilu’s expression, Huang Yize frowned and averted his gaze. “Wash up after you wake up and fix your clothes.”