Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Caught In Their Passion

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Yun Bilu was so happy that she couldn’t be bothered to restrain herself. Even though her kiss was sloppy, comparable to that of licking and biting, kissing Huang Yize was a craving that stemmed from the bottom of her heart.

Huang Yize’s lips were about to bleed from being bitten. He found it a little funny and felt resigned to it, but he was happy at the same time. He pulled Yun Bilu into a tighter embrace and held the back of her head.

Based on how anxious she was kissing, it was time to respond to her. Slowly and gently, he kissed her back to guide her and whispered against her lips, “Don’t rush.” He managed to get these two words out of his mouth, even though his entire body was on fire from her kiss.

Huang Yize had to do his best to hold himself back. His gaze carried traces of gentleness, as though reassuring her about something.

The more Yun Bilu kissed, the emptier her heart felt. She didn’t know what she wanted. All she knew was that she wanted to get closer to Huang Yize, and she somehow ended like an octopus clinging on to him.

Huang Yize’s heart chilled as his head throbbed. He felt a little helpless and resigned to the situation. Her body, which was plastered around him like an octopus, only caused his body to stiffen further.

Huang Yize pushed Yun Bilu away. “Get off quickly.” Didn’t this girl know about a man’s instincts when faced with the woman he loved?

Yun Bilu tightened her hold on his neck and stubbornly refused. “I don’t want to. I’m not getting off.”  ( Boxno vel. co m )

A dark gleam shone through Huang Yize’s eyes. He held himself back as waves of emotions rampaged through his heart. “Are you getting off or not?”

“Huang Yize, you just said that since I’m on your boat, I’m not allowed to get off. I didn’t want to get off anyway in the first place.” It was a rare chance for her to be so close to him, so she was not going to back off like this.

At that moment, Yun Bilu was like a single-celled organism. She didn’t understand men, and she had no idea how dangerous this was.

Huang Yize tightened his hold on Yun Bilu’s waist. “I’m going to get hungry if you don’t get off.”

“Didn’t you just eat?”

Huang Yize’s head throbbed and ached even more. Looking at Yun Bilu’s innocent and pure expression only served to fan the flames of his passion. With a forceful tug, both of them fell on the huge sofa beside them.

Yun Bilu was shaken from the impact. Her heart trembled as she looked at his face that was so close to her at that moment.

Before she could even react and recover from her daze, an aggressive kiss sealed her lips. Because of the close proximity of their bodies, Yun Bilu could feel the heat from Huang Yize’s cool self. It was like electricity running through her, causing her to shudder again and again.

After that kiss, Yun Bilu was already lightheaded and could not tell the directions. Her head was whirring as her mind blanked out. She couldn’t even process anything.

Huang Yize gazed at Yun Bilu’s dazed and befuddled expression before lowering his head to bite her lip. “Do you understand now? Do you finally know what I mean when I said I was hungry?” This girl had a low EQ, and her IQ was also dropping. If he were to really eat her, he would, without a doubt, swallow her whole.

The pain from her lips, which had just been bitten, snapped her out of her trance. She thought and considered his words for a while. When she finally registered his meaning, she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself. However, her heart was at a loss —she didn’t want to refuse him either.

She had already decided on Huang Yize. Her elder sister and brother-in-law were not against her dating as long as she knew how to protect herself. They said that girls should learn to cherish themselves before other people could fall in love with them.

That was why she insisted on having a boundary. Looking at the dark waves roaring in Huang Yize’s eyes, she quickly sat up from the sofa and shuffled backwards. Her heart was still palpitating fiercely since that was the closest she had been with him. She would have never expected it to be such a unique feeling.

Huang Yize was able to regain his composure within a short while. It seemed as though the domineering and intense side of him was nothing but an illusion. “Finish your breakfast. After that, I’ll apply your cream before I return to school. I’ll be back to accompany you in the afternoon.”