Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Too Exciting

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Yun Bilu nodded and finished her meal absent-mindedly. Huang Yize took a glance at her dazed figure before clearing the table and washing the dishes. After making sure that she took her medicine and applied the cream, he gave her some reminders and returned to school.

As soon as Huang Yize left, Yun Bilu recovered from her trance. She rushed up to the bedroom and locked the door. Only after locking the door did she take a deep breath as she placed a hand on her chest.

She muttered, “That was too intense… Ahhh… Bilu, was that really you? Did I really do that? It must have been a dream. Holy crap, even my brain stopped working. That was so embarrassing…”

Yun Bilu kept walking around the room and knocked her head every now and then. She hated that she couldn’t just hide in the ground. She really did take the plunge and kissed him! She made the first move!

In Huang Yize’s eyes, did it look like she was trying to seduce him? Just a little more and they would’ve been engulfed in the flames of passion…

After chewing on it for a while, Yun Bilu laid on the bed and curled up beneath the blankets. She couldn’t help recalling what just happened earlier.

With just a single thought, her small heart couldn’t take it anymore. Her Huang Yize actually had such a domineering side—he was so incredibly possessive and intense. She loved it.    ( Boxno vel. co m )

She would’ve never expected the indifferent, deity-like Huang Yize to have such a burning passion within him. He was, indeed, slow to warm. It was exactly like what her friends said.

Hugging her blankets, Yun Bilu rolled around on the bed as she giggled to herself.

She liked him so much. Very, very much.

He cherished her a lot and did not touch her. He would definitely make a good partner in the future.

No, wait. She’s only nineteen. She must wait a few years before doing that.

She suddenly remembered that he would be coming back later in the evening. Under the same roof, he was the person she trusted the most, but she was worried about herself.

“Gosh, what if I was the one who couldn’t hold my ground anymore?”

After worrying for a long while, Yun Bilu eventually fell asleep in boredom.

When Huang Yize came back, Yun Bilu was still sleeping, and the servants did not dare to disturb her.

“Young Leader, Miss Yun has not stepped out of the bedroom since you left. She didn’t say anything after closing the door, so we didn’t dare disturb her.”

Hearing the subordinate’s words, Huang Yize raised his head and looked in the direction of the second-floor bedroom. He waved his subordinate away to dismiss him, saying, “Continue with your tasks then.”

“Yes, I understand.” They were still used to calling Young Master Huang as ‘Young Leader’ since he was the Black Dragon Gang’s young leader. It was one of those honorifics that they followed within the gang.

Huang Yize removed his coat and slowly went upstairs. When he was just outside the door, he paused and listened for any movements inside the room.

He had received all sorts of training since he was young, so his hearing was more sensitive than the average person. He could tell at once that she was sleeping inside.

Huang Yize thought for a moment and looked at his watch. It was almost time for dinner, and she had yet to eat lunch.

She couldn’t be allowed to sleep any longer.

Huang Yize turned the doorknob gently and carefully pushed the door open before making his way in.

The moment he stepped inside the bedroom, he saw Yun Bilu curled into a ball like a small kitten, and the blanket that used to cover her was sprawled on the floor.

Huang Yize’s brows twitched as a dark gleam shone in his eyes. He sat on the bed and gazed at her.

Her curled up figure while wearing a frown made it seem that she was restless. Did she really feel so vulnerable here?

He sat quietly by her side and watched her. After a while, when he couldn’t resist it any longer, he reached out and caressed her head.