Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 58

Chapter 58: So Youve Taken a Liking to a Wealthy Man

Miao Zifu got a clearer look at the man's face, and her face paled instantly. Trembling and nervous, she pushed away the person in front of her. "Who are you? I don't know you! Let go of me..."

Miao Zifu frantically tried to push him awayit wasn't clear why she would meet this man in Ning An City. At that point in time, she had no time to process the situation and could only feel her mind blanking out. She definitely couldn't let An Yexuan find out.

"Fu, my flower, don't you recognize me anymore? My flower, it's me, Duan Qiushu, the one you love!" Duan Qiushu looked at her, seemingly in pain. Although he was tipsy, his mind was still clear. No matter how much the person in front of him had changed, he would still be able to recognize her with one look.

Miao Zifu felt her face go numb with fear. She struggled forcefully to escape from his grasp, but the man was just too strong. "Sir, you got the wrong person. I'm not this 'Miao Zifu' that you mentioned. Stop bothering me." The only thing floating in Miao Zifu's mind now was why Duan Qiushu came to Ning An City. Wasn't he at the old home?

"I'm not mistaken, I'm not mistaken. This is the letter you wrote me and the photo we took together. We met when we were children. I couldn't be mistaken..." Duan Qiushu seemed flustered and also anxious. He hurriedly fished out a letter and a photo that he kept close to his chest. It was evident that he often looked at them and touched them.

An Yexuan's cold eyes showed a tinge of curiosity before returning back to their usual tranquility. He asked flatly, "Zifu, what's really going on?"

Miao Zifu recovered from her shock as she stared at An Yexuan who was standing beside her. She felt her heart stop as she spoke in a trembling voice, "Yexuan, trust me, I don't know him. I really don't know him. I don't know where he came from to slander me!" Miao Zifu desperately gripped onto An Yexuan's sleeve, as though clutching at a lifesaver.

Duan Qiushu only just realized that there was someone else by their side. Looking at the man's elegance and coolness, his mannerisms almost blinded Duan Qiushu. Reacting almost immediately, he said, "Fu, my flower. Everyone claimed that you had a change of heart and you've fallen for someone else. I didn't believe it, I never believed it. I waited for you for many years, but it's clear to me that you really like someone else now..."

In his drunken state, he stepped forward to strangle Miao Zifu.

However, before his hands could even reach Miao Zifu's neck, another hand held them down.

Looking into An Yexuan's icy gaze, he only felt chilled to his core. "If you wish to kill someone, you can only do so with my permission." At this moment, he thought of Chu Fei'er, whose death constantly crushed his heart. Thus, he refused to see another woman being threatened right before his eyes.

Miao Zifu was terrified and didn't know what to do.

"My flower, you lied to me. Back then I gave up the opportunity to attend university and used my family's fortune to pay for your studies. In your fourth year of university, I left my home to work and couldn't bear to spend money on food and clothes. When you wrote me letters, I would send money to you... Ha, ha. I still believed that you would be mine after graduating, but I was the foolish one... Ha, ha... So you've taken a liking to a wealthy man." Duan Qiushu's voice was full of sorrow, and even his laughter sounded bitter and mournful.

Onlookers started to gather around, and they seemed to be looking at Miao Zifu with contempt.

With the crowd pointing their fingers at her, she finally snapped out of her shock and hollered, "Nonsense, that's nonsense! I never promised you anything! Stop your nonsense...!" No, she couldn't let An Yexuan learn about those details, nor let him believe any of this.

"My flower, no, Miao Zifu. From now on, our relationship is over, and I'm cutting off all ties with you." With that, Duan Qiushu tossed the letter and photo in his hands onto Miao Zifu's face, before stomping off.

Someone picked up the letter and photo and started reciting it, "Dear Qiushu... I really miss you. My yearning for you feels like waves crashing over me. After I graduate... our school is organizing a debating event, and I need two thousand yuan..."