Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Accompanying Her To Sleep

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Huang Yize fixed the blankets on the bed and switched on the air conditioner. He adjusted it to a warm temperature, and the room became warmer in a few moments.

He said to Yun Bilu, “Go to sleep. I’ll stay here with you. Once you fall asleep, I’ll leave.” He saw how conflicted she had looked earlier, so he naturally understood how she felt.

Yun Bilu was touched. She had always felt that she had put in a lot of effort while she was pursuing him. She never knew that he could also treat her so well.

She was so moved that there was a tingly sensation in her nose.

After turning on the lights, Huang Yize returned to her side and comforted her. She laid down and tried to sleep. After a while, her hand reached out from under the blanket and held Huang Yize’s hand. She felt that his hand was especially warm and safe—this was a feeling that no one could offer her.

It had been more than a decade, and she had already matured. Ever since her parents passed away, she had braved through days like these alone. However, at this very moment, she felt incredibly safe.

After a while, she still couldn’t fall asleep. She looked at the clock and realized it was two in the morning. She lifted the blanket and said to Huang Yize, “Come here and sleep with me, but we cannot do anything beyond that.”

Huang Yize’s gaze changed. “No, I’ll just stay here and watch you sleep.”

“I can’t fall asleep if you don’t come to bed.”

In the end, Huang Yize laid on the bed and shared the blanket with Yun Bilu.

Once he was settled in bed, Yun Bilu hugged him and rested her head on his arm. She didn’t know why, but she simply trusted him so much.

A few moments later, Yun Bilu fell sound asleep.

Huang Yize sighed. This girl wasn’t kidding when she said she would fall asleep with him. On the other hand, he couldn’t fall asleep at all. He was wide awake while hugging Yun Bilu all night long.

For the past few days in the White House, Bai Yaoyao became more easygoing. She was calmer and no longer insisted on leaving. Whenever Xirong Ziye came over, the two of them didn’t clash so fiercely anymore.

Bai Yaoyao understood deep down that she wouldn’t be staying here for a long time. After some time, she would be able to leave. She believed that Xirong Ziye will eventually cave in from the pressure and let her go.

To be honest, Bai Yaoyao couldn’t bear to part with him, but she knew that staying here would be just like being locked up in a golden cage. She wouldn’t have any freedom at all, and it would only cause her to lose her love for him in the long run.

Although this man wasn’t nice in many ways, she used to love him madly. Back then, she was young and reckless. She didn’t understand what love was. She thought that it would be enough if she put in some effort and got what she wanted.

In hindsight, it would be pretty good for the two of them to forget about each other as they grew apart. Despite everything, she would keep those wonderful memories of him in her heart.

That afternoon, Xirong Ziye didn’t come to have lunch with her, so Bai Yaoyao had some time to do what she wanted. She got someone to buy some yarn and needles for her and began knitting a sweater according to Xirong Ziye’s measurements.

Even though he was the president now and could have everything he wanted, she wanted to do something for him before leaving. Even if she could only knit him a sweater, she could at least keep him warm through the winter.

She recalled that he used to be a needy student in school. He could switch between two to three outfits for an entire year. She bought him clothes, but he didn’t like her doing that. That was why she learned to knit. Although he wasn’t fond of her back then, he still wore the sweaters that she personally knitted.

When Xirong Ziye arrived at the White House later that afternoon, he saw Bai Yaoyao knitting peacefully underneath the rays of the sun. Recently, she hadn’t insisted on leaving and had been very quiet and obedient instead. This made him feel uneasy. He always thought that she was just like the wind, as though she was going to disappear soon.