Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 583

Chapter 583 The Presidents Heart

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Xirong Ziye stood rooted to the spot. He was worried that if he moved a single inch and stepped forward, she would vanish in the air.

In the past, she was bubbly and outspoken. She would chase him around the campus, and she had so much energy that he couldn’t understand where it was coming from.

At first, he rejected and avoided her. He was even disgusted at her. He had never imagined that one day, he wouldn’t be able to let her go.

At his lowest point in life, when he was at the most impoverished and most difficult period, everyone had left him except Bai Yaoyao. She was the only one who was determined and didn’t neglect him. She never looked down on him. In her sparkling eyes, he could always see the trust that she had in him.

“Ziye, you’ll definitely become stronger than all of them. You’re so hardworking and smart. I believe that you’ll really become successful.”

This was the kind of strength that she had offered him.

However, it was undeniable that he had hurt her deeply. Now, he didn’t want her to go, and he wished that she’ll stay by his side. He could give her anything that she wanted, except the status that she asked for.

( Boxno vel. co m )   Bai Yaoyao seemed to have sensed something. She turned around and glanced at Xirong Ziye. Smiling warmly, she said, “You’re back?”

Those words made Xirong Ziye’s heart shudder. It sounded as though she was a wife waiting for her husband’s return.

Xirong Ziye’s heart began to ache. He slowly walked towards her and wrapped her in his arms tightly. “Don’t try to leave me. Except for the status of a wife, I can give you everything you want.”

A self-mocking glint flashed across Bai Yaoyao’s eyes as she gently returned Xirong Ziye’s hug. “You already have a fiancée, and you’re getting married very soon. Don’t say such things and make me sad.”

“Yaoyao, you still love me, right?” Xirong Ziye’s gaze fell on the sweater that she was currently knitting.

Bai Yaoyao merely smiled and didn’t answer him. Instead, she began to reminisce about the past. “Do you still remember our past? Back then, you were disgusted at me. I tried my best to make you happy. Because of you, I did everything. You only wore the sweaters that I made for you. That time, you had no idea how happy I was for so many days. I only realized afterwards that if a person didn’t belong to you, it was pointless to chase after him. You had your first love back then, and even though she married someone else, you still think that she is more important than anyone else. Now that you have a fiancée, you might not need anything else. But still, I miss those times when I knitted for you.”

Bai Yaoyao’s words made Xirong Ziye’s heart ache terribly. He wanted to refute but realized that he couldn’t explain himself, let alone say a single word.

At that moment, Xirong Ziye didn’t know that if he didn’t understand his own feelings now, one day, he would realize that he had almost lost the person that was the most important to him.

Bai Yaoyao hugged Xirong Ziye and said, “You know, I wish that our lives now could be like what it was when we first met. Otherwise, I’d rather not have met you at all.”

Xirong Ziye’s sharp brows twitched, and a cold fury flashed across his eyes. His grip tightened on her shoulders as he said, “Bai Yaoyao, you were the one who asked for it back then.”

Bai Yaoyao chuckled. “Yes, I did, but I regret it now. Xirong Ziye, can we stop arguing? Let’s live harmoniously like a normal couple, okay? This way, I will be able to feel that I have the rightful status, not a mistress that you’ve been keeping secretly.”

In reality, Bai Yaoyao understood Xirong Ziye well. She knew that those words would cut through Xirong Ziye like a knife.

Xirong Ziye released his grip. “Bai Yaoyao, you truly know how to upset and hurt me.”

“Xirong Ziye, don’t pretend to be a saint. You don’t care at all, so why would you be upset?”