Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 585

Chapter 585 Worry And Concern

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Xirong Ziye walked into the kitchen to help Bai Yaoyao, but he was at a loss and didn’t know what to do.

The corners of Bai Yaoyao’s lips turned up. “Help me wash these vegetables and then peel those potatoes…”

Xirong Ziye listened to Bai Yaoyao’s instructions and began to wash and cut the vegetables.

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao’s frozen heart began to melt slowly. She really enjoyed this moment’s warmth because it allowed her to, at least, pretend that this man was all hers.

( Boxno vel. co m )  Bai Yaoyao guided him patiently on how to cut the vegetables. “Your posture is wrong. Put your hand here and move back. This way, you won’t cut yourself.”

Bai Yaoyao thought that if she wasn’t around him one day, and if Miss Xiamu didn’t know how to cook, he could still cook for himself if he wanted to eat a home-cooked meal.

Despite forcing herself to harden her heart towards him, her heart was still soft—she couldn’t let go.

After cooking, the two of them ate the dishes quietly. They didn’t argue, nor were unhappy with each other.

When they were done eating dinner, they watched the TV. After a while, Bai Yaoyao sat on Xirong Ziye’s lap and said, “Carry me upstairs. I want to take a bath.”

As she spoke, Bai Yaoyao gently kissed his neck. Her tongue was searing as it caressed his skin.

Xirong Ziye could only feel fire beginning to burn within him. Without a moment’s hesitation, he carried Bai Yaoyao and entered the bathroom. Giving her no time to adjust, he promptly unleashed himself madly on her.

As the two of them showered together, Bai Yaoyao scratched his back, leaving long marks on his skin. The intensity of their exchanges was obvious.

Later, when they were on the bed, Xirong Ziye didn’t show Bai Yaoyao any mercy. He tortured her so much, as though he was pulling her apart and putting the pieces of her back together again and again.

In the past, he had to almost force Bai Yaoyao into him, but recently, she had been the one taking the initiative. That was why this side of her was so rare. He didn’t know why, but he really couldn’t resist her.

Bai Yaoyao thought that she couldn’t handle such intensity and passion anymore. However, she had underestimated how much she loved him. She responded to every single action of his. She wanted to have wonderful memories with him and give him the best feeling and happiness.

He fell asleep soundly, but Bai Yaoyao’s eyes were wide open. She was clearly awake as she looked at the perfect face beside her that made her so obsessed. She was truly and deeply enamored of him. After staring at him for a long time, she wiped her tears away.

She would just do this for the next few days. She’d treat it as granting both of them wonderful memories once again. At least, when they reminisced about it in the future, they would still have something happy to think about. Deep down, she also didn’t want him to forget her.

Even if he had Miss Xiamu by his side in the future, she also wished that she could occupy a space in his heart. She didn’t care if he didn’t love her. She was well aware that she was very, very stupid, but she just couldn’t contain her feelings.

In Ning An City, Country A

Ever since Yun Bixue woke up, Xie Limo had been very worried about her for the past few days. Before her legs recovered, she wasn’t allowed to walk.

Yun Bixue thought that she wasn’t that fragile. After resisting several times, she could only listen to Xie Limo.

Even when she went to the bathroom, Xie Limo would carry her.

“Hubby, don’t you have to work? Aren’t you exhausted taking care of me all day long?”

“I won’t leave you until you fully recover.” To Xie Limo, nothing was more important than Yun Bixue. No one would understand how desolate he had felt when he couldn’t find her after that fire. He didn’t want to experience that feeling ever again.

For the next few days, she had very nutritious yet bland meals, and it made Yun Bixue lose her appetite just after hearing that she had to eat. For this reason, Xie Limo would modify the recipes and come up with interesting variations for her, causing his cooking skills to improve.

When they grew bored of staying indoors, Xie Limo got a bicycle and rode on it together with Yun Bixue. He took her out for a ride to watch the scenery.