Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 586

Chapter 586 The Warmth And Satisfaction Of Riding The Bicycle

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It was the end of summer, and autumn was about to start. In the afternoon, the citizens of Ning An City would frequently see Young Master Xie riding a bicycle and taking his wife out for a ride.

They had almost become the most attractive scenery in Ning An City.

Although the two of them went out alone, there were hundreds of guards protecting them secretly.

Having nursed her injuries for a long time, the wound on Yun Bixue’s leg had healed and was much better. A scab had already formed, but Xie Limo was still worried. That was why he was personally dressing the wound on her leg and head.

( Boxno vel. co m )   Yun Bixue felt that she was becoming as fragile as a little porcelain doll. However, she was still grateful for Xie Limo’s efforts and perseverance. It was difficult to change his mind, so she could only listen to him.

The only thing that made her happy, while she was still recovering, was him taking her out on the bicycle every day. It made her feel as though she and Xie Limo were carefree teenagers.

In fact, this thought began on one particular day. Through the window, she saw a young man riding a bicycle with a young lady behind him, and she couldn’t help feeling envious. Back then, when she was still in school, there were a lot of couples around. The boyfriends would always take their girlfriends out for a ride on their bicycles as they watched the outdoor scenery. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Perhaps her voice had sounded full of envy and regret when she mentioned this to Xie Limo.

Xie Limo asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, I was a teenager and had the sentiments of a young girl. Back then, I also wondered if my future boyfriend would also let me ride on his bicycle and take me along the streets to watch the scenery.”

She had merely said a few words, but Xie Limo had really gotten her a bicycle. Ever since that day, he would ride the bicycle with her every day.

After sitting on the back seat and hugging Xie Limo’s waist, she felt exceptionally great and blissful as they rode through countless streets. They enjoyed the sensation of the breeze blowing right at their faces.

“Limo, faster. Hehe! It feels great!”

Hearing her cheerful laughter behind him, Xie Limo’s heart was filled with indescribable joy.

He had never thought that there would be a day when he would take his wife on a bicycle ride through the streets. However, after personally experiencing it, he realized that it was pretty fun. It made him feel as though he had become younger.

He finally understood why many young men and ladies would do such simple things together during their youth. It was because these things brought a lot of pure happiness.

These pure moments were carefree and without worries.

When they rode to somewhere with more beautiful views, Xie Limo would stop the bicycle and get off of it. He would squat down and carry Yun Bixue off the back seat. After putting her on the grass or bench, they would look up to the sky and bask in the sunlight. They enjoyed the breeze and watched the life of the citizens. It was very pleasant and delightful.

Sometimes, she would lean on Xie Limo’s shoulder and fall asleep. Sometimes, she would watch the people who were flying their kites, roller-skating, and dancing… She felt that life was full of excitement.

In other to suck up to Young Master Xie, some reporters took this opportunity and wrote about how Young Master Xie was trying to experience the life of an ordinary citizen. The articles talked about how friendly Young Master Xie was, and there were even photos showing Young Master Xie helping a little boy with his kite and of him chatting happily with elderly citizens.

Once the news articles were published, Xie Limo’s fanbase multiplied. Everyone who watched and read the news felt that those photos were especially heartwarming. It filled their lives in Ning An City with hope. With such a great leader, Ning An City would surely flourish.

Someone also tried to cause trouble. However, this time around, the Xie family’s security was top-notch and impenetrable. Anyone who attempted to do anything would be discreetly taken care of.