Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Their Love Caused A Trend

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During this period, Yun Bixue felt so blessed. Sometimes, he would ride on the bicycle and take her somewhere far away. The two of them would set off in the afternoon, bringing along some food, and they would return after eight in the evening.

Sometimes, they would choose to dine at a fancy restaurant along the way.

This time, Xie Limo had totally pampered Yun Bixue. Both of them had a taste of all kinds of snacks. Even if it was the most common snack, they would try it too.

Sometimes, they would sit on a bench as Yun Bixue would feed Xie Limo some fish balls, and he would eat them with a smile.

The two of them enjoyed the most ordinary and heartwarming life, as though no one was around them. However, some reporters secretly took photos and videos of them, and posted them online. It immediately led to a hot discussion, and everyone was filled with envy. It also caused Xie Limo to win over even more citizens.

Everyone agreed that a kind-hearted man who loved his wife would surely be a good politician. He would definitely fight for his citizens welfare.

As Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue enjoyed their bicycle rides, they started a new trend. A lot of teenagers, newlyweds, and even middle-aged couples began to go out on dates with their bicycles.

This became the latest trend. It started from Ning An City and then spread to other cities and countries.

( Boxno vel. co m ) Yun Bixue also realized later that the number of cars on the road had been decreasing. Instead, there were more and more people riding their bicycles. Whether they were young or old, everyone was doing it.

"Limo, dont you think that there are more people outside nowadays?"

"Why? Isnt that a good thing?"

"Yes, its great to have more people around. Its livelier. Look, weve met almost a hundred couples riding their bicycles on this road. Look at all of them having fun. It feels great. After all, everyone thinks that this spectacular event only happened when Young Master Xie was the leader of Ning An City."

Xie Limo continued riding the bicycle. Hearing Yun Bixues words, he chuckled and said,