Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Mr. Xies Gentleness

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Right at the beginning, Xie Limo was an elegant and distant man. He was also a man of few words. However, when it came to his wife, he finally understood that women and men thought differently. Sometimes, when women had a conflict within themselves, they merely wanted men to give them some affirmation.

After he understood that, he was happy to change himself in order to cheer his wife up. Men should always respect their wives and feel upset if she was hurt.

While Yun Bixue changed, she didn’t try to hide her body from Xie Limo. After all, Xie Limo had been regularly changing her wound dressings and clothes for her during this period, so she had already grown used to it. She didn’t feel as shy and embarrassed while changing in front of him as she used to be.

( Boxno vel. co m )  However, she failed to realize that her husband was still the same person. It was only because he wanted her to rest well, and for her wounds to recover quickly, that he just hugged her to sleep and not do anything to her beyond that.

Now that she was already fine and almost fully recovered, Xie Limo had become a wolf again.

Halfway through changing, Yun Bixue tried to reach the zipper on the back of her dress. She said to Xie Limo, “Hubby, come here and help me zip it up.”

Dark waves rolled in Xie Limo’s eyes as he walked over with light steps. He arrived behind Yun Bixue but didn’t tug the zipper up. Instead, he pulled her into a hug from the back and lowered his head gently. Beside Yun Bixue’s ear, he whispered, “My dear, I’m not a saint. This is already my limit.” It had almost been a month, and he had also endured it for a month.

Yun Bixue’s heart shuddered after hearing Xie Limo’s melodious and alluring voice. She naturally understood what he meant. Recalling those scenes, her face turned red immediately, and it dawned on her that they had not had sex since the fire.

The blush on Yun Bixue’s face spread slowly, turning her ears red. She couldn’t even speak properly. “Limo… Hubby… Erm, it’s still early in the morning.” In the end, she stuttered while talking.

Xie Limo lowered his head and kissed Yun Bixue’s neck. “My dear, a whole year’s work depends on planning in the morning.”

Without waiting for Yun Bixue to react, let alone say a word, Xie Limo pushed her on the mattress. His eyes shone brightly with an intoxicating glint, and he simply forced Yun Bixue to lock her gaze on him.

Yun Bixue’s heart pounded. Because she hadn’t had intimate contact with him for a long time, she felt very nervous.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll be gentle.”

Indeed, it was just like what Xie Limo had said. This time, he was extremely gentle, and she felt as though she was wrapped up in his intense warmth and love. Her heart melted and slowly grew hotter and hotter. She was burning like a ball of fire, engulfing Xie Limo with her fiery-hot desire.

Her sweetness was only shown to him, and he only became tireless and insatiable because of her. This lustful side of Xie Limo could only be seen by her.

Their passionate fire burned without stopping. In the end, Yun Bixue couldn’t endure the overly intense passion and fell asleep soundly. Before sleeping, she thought that her husband was unbearably tender when he showed his gentle side.

When Yun Bixue was fully recovered and was about to go to work, she and Xie Limo bought incense and paper offerings and paid their respects to Mommy Lu.

Looking at Mommy Lu’s picture, Yun Bixue couldn’t help but cry. This was the grave of Mommy Lu, who had sacrificed her life during the fire. She had finally gotten out of it after a long time.

At first, Xie Limo didn’t dare to tell Yun Bixue, but after she had finally calmed down, he eventually told her. However, it also made her depressed for a long time, that was why Xie Limo tried to take her outdoors to cheer her up and to slowly forget this sadness.

Yun Bixue knew that Xie Limo would avenge Mommy Lu, but she wanted to do something for the latter too. Therefore, she asked Xie Limo to wait after controlling the five noble families.

Now that she was fully recovered, she would make her move.