Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Walking Under The Suns Rays

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Yun Bixue returned Xie Limo’s hug and nodded while in his embrace. She held him tightly, as though she wanted to hug him till the end of time. He was really nice and always understood what she was thinking deep down.

She didn’t even need to say anything. He only gave her the best all the time.

Yun Bixue cried while smiling. She couldn’t believe it. Looking at the villa before her eyes, she could feel the joy and excitement in her heart.

Xie Limo gently raised Yun Bixue’s head and wiped her tears away. “Don’t cry anymore, alright?”

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo’s stern expression and grinned. She turned away slightly and wiped her tears. “I’m happy. I’m not crying at all.”

“Fine, you’re not crying, but it’s also my fault that you’re shedding tears.”

Yun Bixue hugged Xie Limo tightly again. Raising her head, she looked at him with shining and bright eyes. Because of the tears, her eyes sparkled, and this made her look exceptionally gorgeous.

“Hubby, you’re the best.”

Xie Limo thought that his efforts weren’t wasted and brought forth some results. At least to his wife, he was the best.

Of course, Xie Limo’s heart also became happy after hearing those words. His exquisite eyes glittered and were full of smiles.

He pulled Yun Bixue away from his body and held her hand. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

“Okay.” She wanted to see how it looked inside too. Whenever she woke up in the middle of the night, she would remember and miss this place. This was their home. This housed all their wonderful memories.

“Hello, Young Master Xie and Young Madam.” The servants greeted the two of them.

Yun Bixue looked around. Although these people were not those from the past, they were wearing the same clothes. It made her imagine as though their previous servants had not left.

Xie Limo knew what Yun Bixue was thinking, and he felt her pain. He tightened his hold on her hand, as though silently giving her strength in his own way.

Yun Bixue felt the warmth through his palm and felt very blessed. It was so warm that even her heart felt blissful.

They passed the villa’s doors and the courtyard. As they entered the house, Yun Bixue’s heart grew nervous. She wanted to see more, but for some reason, she also felt scared.

Xie Limo opened the door and pulled Yun Bixue in. Glancing at her sideways, he saw that Yun Bixue had closed her eyes.

“It’s fine. Open your eyes and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.”

Yun Bixue’s eyelashes shuddered before she finally opened her eyes. Looking at everything in the living room, she thought that it really looked exactly the same as before. Even the color and floral prints of the sofa, and the design of the table were the same.

The centerpiece on the coffee table, and the pillows and cushions on the sofa were the same too.

Yun Bixue’s heart began to stir. She pushed Xie Limo’s hand away and ran into the kitchen. The kitchen looked the same as well. She opened the refrigerator and saw that the things inside were neatly placed too.

She sniffed and could smell that the kitchen was filled with a smokey smell. She didn’t know why, but she felt choked up with tears. She really couldn’t understand how he could be so thoughtful.

Indeed, the kitchen meant a lot to her. It was because it held their first memories together. The images of how he had cooked for her and cared for her remained clear and vivid in her head.

When she was at her lowest and had suffered a cut on her arm, he had personally cooked for her. That kind of warmth was a feeling that she would never ever forget.

It was a very memorable feeling to receive help when she most needed it.

Xie Limo leaned elegantly against the doorway and asked, “How is it, my dear? Are you satisfied?”

Yun Bixue turned around and looked at him. At that very moment, a ray of sunlight coincidentally cast over him. The sight was dazzling and captivating. It was as though he had walked out of the sun’s rays to solely warm up her heart.