Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 597

Chapter 597 Several Decades Of Life Felt Like A Dream

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After that fire, Xie Limo had firmly sealed off all sources of information from reaching Grandfather’s villa. He hadn’t found out about it, but Yun Bixue was still rather worried.

She was afraid that if she visited him before recovering, Grandfather would ask her about everything out of concern. Therefore, she only kept in contact with him over the phone.

That night, they slept in their own villa. The next day, Xie Limo drove Yun Bixue to visit Old Master Yun.

Xie Limo told Old Master Yun that it was very dangerous outside now. In order to protect them and prevent others from getting worried, he had asked him to stay at this residence all along.

Since the villa was located near the mountains with lush greenery around it, Old Master Yun and Aunt Zhou had a lot of free time. They both played chess and admired the flowers. They picked out weeds and planted new flowers and other plants. All in all, they had a great time together.

Aside from that, Yun Bixue would occasionally call to inform him that she was safe. Therefore, Old Master Yun also lived his life peacefully.

When he picked up Xie Limo’s call informing him that he was bringing Yun Bixue to visit him, Old Master Yun chuckled and rejoiced. He asked Aunt Zhou if he was dressed appropriately and if there was anything out of place.

Aunt Zhou complimented him. “Old Master, you still look as formidable as you did in the past.”

“It has been several decades since my youth. We haven’t even met back then.”

“Young Master Xie showed me some photos of Old Master’s earlier days. Old Master, you looked smart and handsome when you were young!”

After being praised, Old Master Yun chuckled heartily. “That lad is really thoughtful. Even I didn’t think of that. I don’t even know where he found those photos.”

Aunt Zhou turned around and entered a room. She found a few black and white photos and asked, “Old Master, take a look. This is you, isn’t it?”

Old Master Yun put on his glasses and looked at the photos. It was really him during his youth. Looking at how he appeared in them, Old Master Yun really felt that life had passed by so quickly. It was so quick that it felt like a dream! Several decades passed in a blink of an eye, as though everything had just happened recently.

As he looked at the photos, memories of his youth flashed vividly in his head. Many other events felt as though they had happened only yesterday. In an instant, several decades had already zoomed past. Time really flies!

Only during one’s elderly days would one think that time had really passed by too quickly—his youth was gone in such a short time.

Now that he was old, he realized that chasing after those petty and frivolous things had all been useless. Money and power were insignificant, and living a peaceful life with one’s family was more important.

What a pity. He didn’t understand all these back then and had missed too many things.

“Old Master… Old Master…”

Hearing Aunt Zhou’s shouts, Old Master Yun finally snapped out of his daze. He rubbed the photos and muttered, “I really miss those days. In a blink of an eye, I’ll be dead!”

“Old Master will live for several more decades, so don’t worry!”

“With you by my side now, I won’t feel lonely in my last few years.”

“You have Young Master Xie and Young Madam too. They’ll come and visit you frequently.”

Thinking of his granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Old Master Yun perked up. “Yes, prepare the tea and snacks. Also, don’t forget my chess set. I’ll play a few rounds with Young Lad Xie again!”

“Don’t worry, Old Master. I’ve already prepared everything for you.”

As Xie Limo drove with Yun Bixue and arrived outside the garden, they saw someone peeking in from outside. That person seemed to be discussing something with the security guard.

The guard had initially been chasing that person away, but after seeing Xie Limo’s car, he hurriedly stepped forward to bow and greet him. He then pressed a button on his remote control, and the gates opened slowly.

That person tried to dash in, but he was held back by a few guards before being tossed out. After that, he began berating the guards. He suddenly rushed in front of Xie Limo’s car and blocked its path.

Xie Limo immediately stepped on the brakes. While panting heavily, that person frantically said, “Stop the car! Stop the car! I have an emergency. Old… Old Lady Shen is dying. She… She wants to see… See Old Master Yun… Please let me in…”