Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 599

Chapter 599 News Regarding Her Parents

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Xie Limo could tell that Old Master Yun had special memories revolving around this painting. He stood beside Yun Bixue and placed his arms around her shoulders. He asked in a warm voice, “Grandfather, does this painting remind you of something?”

Old Master Yun’s glistening eyes shone clearly. They revealed a hint of sadness, as though he was missing someone. He sighed quietly and gently placed the painting on the table.

“Bixue, look. This painting may look like one from ancient times, but it was actually painted by your parents.”

“Ahh? Grandfather, did you mean that this was something my father and mother painted?” Thinking of her parents, Yun Bixue only had recollections of when she was very young. She truly couldn’t imagine that such a magnificent painting, that looked like it was worth millions, was done by her parents.

They were actually very talented. At this thought, she couldn’t help but feel proud. Even if her parents weren’t around anymore, she still felt proud of them.

Nonetheless, whenever the topic of her parents was brought up, she would always feel sad, and her eyes would turn red.

Old Master Yun put on a pair of gloves and gently touched the painting. His eyes were filled with intense yearning for his son. “They both painted during their spare time, and they loved to paint together. This was the hobby that they shared. Do you still remember the night they passed away? They had actually left from Xiangnan Town, where they took a ship and sailed across Nanbei Sea to search for your mother’s relatives. While they were on the sea, their ship had an accident, so…” Old Master Yun’s voice choked up. He couldn’t continue any longer.

“Grandfather, don’t be sad. Bilu and I are still by your side.”

Xie Limo was calmer than Yun Bixue. Holding her by her shoulders, he said slowly, “Grandfather, there are other convenient cruises and flights they can take, so why did they choose to leave from Xiangnan Town?”

“That’s because they found a lead in Xiangnan Town. Also, the reason why you and Bilu both have the word ‘Bi’ in your names is because that’s the place where they met each other.”

This was the first time Yun Bixue heard her grandfather talking about her parents. Every single word from him made her feel that from their first meeting to them falling in love with each other, her parents’ relationship must have been so beautiful and romantic. Meeting each other at Xiangnan Town was really fascinating.

“Oh, right. Bixue, did the shop owner talk about the owners of this painting?”

Yun Bixue thought about it, and her heart trembled as she realized something. “They said that a loving couple had passed by their place before. They might have been experiencing some difficulties back then, so they had no choice but to sell that painting. During that time, the shop owners were arguing over a small matter, and the owners of the painting had to step in to mediate. The two shop owners reconciled after that. To show their gratitude, they agreed to place the painting in the shop as collateral. The owners of the painting said that they will return to retrieve it, but it’s been several decades, and no one came back for it.”

Yun Bixue’s heart was racing. Was there something that happened back then that they weren’t aware of? Did they miss something?

Suddenly, she wanted to return to Xiangnan Town to look for traces of her parents. Even if her parents had only been by her side for a few years, those childhood years were when she felt the most blessed. Therefore, she still harbored intense love for them, and that wouldn’t change regardless of the years that had passed.

Old Master Yun stood up in agitation. “It must be them! Yes, it must be them! Young Lad Xie, Bixue, quick! Take me to Xiangnan Town!” Old Master Yun’s voice sounded stubborn, and as he spoke, he supported himself on his walking stick and tried to walk outside.

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo exchanged glances, and they hurriedly stepped forward to stop Old Master Yun. “Grandfather, don’t be rash. Calm down first. I’ll definitely take you there.”

Old Master Yun muttered, “I only have one son and one daughter-in-law! I only have one son!”