Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Old Master Yuns Scars

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As Old Master Yun spoke, tears welled up in his eyes. He exuded an endless amount of helplessness, sorrow, and pain.

Yun Bixue rushed over to help her grandfather sit on the sofa. Turmoil roared within her heart as she said, “Grandfather, don’t be sad.”

It was depressing to think about her parents, especially after seeing how upset grandfather was. Her heart writhed in pain, and tears started welling up in her eyes too.

When Xie Limo saw that Yun Bixue was going to cry again, his head started to hurt, and he felt a little helpless. He initially brought her here to make her happy, but who would have expected that it would bring out painful things from the past? He caressed Yun Bixue’s head, providing silent comfort before speaking in a calm voice, “Grandfather, you still have Uncle, so how could you say that you only have one son?”

Old Master Yun recovered from his trance upon hearing Xie Limo’s words. He scoffed, “He’s not my son. I only have one, and he’s called Yun Chenghai.” A murderous glint shone in his eyes as he spat out those words.

Yun Bixue flinched, and her heart started pounding. Yun Muzhong was not her biological uncle? She had always thought that her grandfather and her younger sister were the closest to her in the Yun family. Even though her uncle was a bit spineless, he did other things adequately. He did not speak like Old Lady Shen or Yang Siru, who scolded her every day.

She didn’t understand in the past why her grandfather ignored her uncle even though he was the only male in the family. Instead, he spent his effort taking care of her and her younger sister.

Grandfather used to say things like how she and her younger sister were his only relatives. She used to not understand, but after hearing this news, she was struck by a sudden realization.

Did Grandfather neglect her uncle because he was not his son? If that was the case, why did he allow them to stay in the Yun family and even gave them monthly allowances?

Yun Bixue truly couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. If Uncle wasn’t Grandfather’s son, then whose son was he? What role did Old Lady Shen use to play in the Yun family?

There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but upon seeing her grandfather’s sorrow, she changed her mind and decided not to ask.

Xie Limo asked, “Grandfather, Yun Muzhong is also Bixue’s uncle!” It was better for him to get the information from Grandfather right now than in the future since that would mean that he would need to go through those painful memories again, exposing his wounds even more.

He felt that since he’d already started the topic, he should finish talking about it. Perhaps his heart would feel lighter after that.

“Who knew whose son he was? He’s the brat of that Shen person who refused to leave. I originally did not know about it, but when he was young, he got into a fight in school and needed blood donation. I brought him to the hospital, but the blood type did not match. It was only then did I know about the truth of this matter.” After saying this, Old Master Yun slouched and bent down as he sobbed.

Yun Bixue tugged at Xie Limo’s sleeve, hinting at him to stop asking. It would only worsen her grandfather’s sorrow and pain.

Xie Limo shook his head and went up to pat Old Master Yun’s back. “Grandfather, you should talk about it if you’re upset. Bixue and I are no longer children. If we know what’s wrong, we may be able to help.”

Auntie Zhou, who was at the side the whole time, silently wiped her tears away. She would’ve never expected Old Master to have such a sorrowful past. After all, he was always laughing as he spent his days, so she couldn’t tell much. Seeing him in this state today was incredibly heart wrenching. Even though their age gap was big, she liked Old Master and would serve him willingly.