Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Young Master Xies Strong Aura

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Yun Bixue was touched by Auntie Zhou’s sincere words. She held Auntie Zhou’s hands with both her hands as she smiled radiantly at her. “Auntie Zhou, thank you very much.”

Aunt Zhou rose quickly and replied respectfully, “Young Madam, those words are too heavy for me to bear.”

In the Xie family, she was only a lowly servant—unworthy of a word of gratitude from Young Madam. Even if Young Madam wanted her to die, she would do it on the spot without a word of protest.

Yun Bixue felt a little helpless while looking at Aunt Zhou’s anxious expression. She rose and pulled Aunt Zhou to sit down again. “Aunt Zhou, don’t treat me as Young Madam right now. I’m talking to you as his granddaughter. We’re just chatting casually right now, so don’t feel so nervous.”

Aunt Zhou continued to sit stiffly and did not even dare to take a deep breath. “This servant understands.”

Hearing the word ‘servant,’ Yun Bixue’s head started throbbing. After a moment’s consideration, she said, “Aunt Zhou, if you’re willing, I would like to organize a wedding ceremony for you and grandfather in the future.”

“Young Madam, frankly speaking, I do not care much for these ceremonies as long as I can stay by Old Master’s side. I’m already contented and at ease if he stays healthy and lives a long life.” Aunt Zhou was the eldest child in her family, with several younger sisters and a younger brother to take care of since she was young. Even at her age, she was still used to giving and taking care of others.

After lunch, someone came over in the afternoon to frame the painting in the study.

It was done so quickly that even Yun Bixue was left speechless. “Grandfather, you don’t usually spend time in the study. Whenever you miss him, you can then go to the study.”

Old Master Yun was moved by the attentiveness of his grandson-in-law. No wonder his granddaughter fell for him and got their wedding certificate so quickly.

“Stop worrying about an old man like me. Just prepare for your wedding. I will definitely attend and watch my beautiful granddaughter get married.”

“Okay, Grandfather. You still have to wait for us to toast a cup of tea for you!”

That afternoon, after spending more time with Old Master Yun, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue returned home. Both of them did not mention anything about what happened earlier nor anything about Old Lady Shen.

Xie Limo dropped Yun Bixue off at the current house they were residing before going to the headquarters in Ning An City. He would meet that person who caused a scene in front of Old Master Yun’s villa.

When he arrived, Xie Liu brought the person forward. That person looked at Xie Limo in fright. At that moment, he was regretting his past actions. If he had known that that was Young Master Xie’s car, then he would never dare to block it and cause a scene.

Young Master Xie’s aura was too formidable and intimidating that Lin Erniu kneeled down on the floor in an instant. “Please spare me, Young Master Xie. I… I didn’t know that it was your car…”

Xie Limo looked at the spineless man kneeling in front of him and frowned. “Was everything you said this morning true?”

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s all true. When I met and got to know Old Lady Shen during my stay in the hospital, she promised me some money and asked me to find Old Master Yun and make him meet her. She gave me a third of the money and promised to give the rest once the task is completed. I have never seen such a huge amount of money, so my greed got the best of me. That’s why I’m trying my best to let Old Master Yun know.” After meeting a person like him with such a strong aura, he did not dare to withhold any information from him.

He knew his place and Young Master Xie’s identity. He understood that he could be turned into ashes with just a pinch from Young Master Xie. Even though money was important, he had to be alive for him to spend it in the first place.