Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Yun Bixue's Father?

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After Xie Liu pulled a chair over for Xie Limo, the latter sat on it. Even while sitting, he was still looking down at Lin Erniu, who remained on his knees with his head bowed.

Xie Limo’s slender fingers tapped on the chair’s armrest. The moment he heard those tapping sounds, Lin Erniu shivered at once. He was greedy and eager to get some money, but he was scared of death too.

In just a short time, he was already drenched in sweat.

“You’re feeling hot?”

“No, no, Young Master Xie. I’m not feeling hot.”

“Then why do you keep wiping your sweat?”

“I-It’s… an illness I’ve had since I was young. It causes me to sweat a lot.”

A dangerous glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. “You said that Old Lady Shen’s time is almost up, but from how you described her and her carefully planned intentions, I’m guessing she’s still doing pretty well.”

“Old Lady Shen can only move around with a wheelchair. I heard that her daughter-in-law pushed her down the stairs. She fell badly and ended up like that. Even the doctor couldn’t guarantee her full recovery. She only wants to meet Old Master Yun. She’s really pitiful… Even her son doesn’t visit her. It’s a good thing that she still has some money on hand.”

“What about her daughter-in-law and granddaughter?”

“I think she has a granddaughter called Yun Mengshi. She’s really pretty but weird in the head. She has her eyes on becoming a top-tier celebrity. She visited her at first, but after that, she no longer comes to see her. As for her daughter-in-law, she committed suicide, and her son never bothered visiting her, saying that it was the Yang family’s problem to settle. It caused a huge uproar, and Old Lady Shen is barely holding on…”

Xie Limo’s face remained indifferent even after hearing this news. However, deep down, he did not expect that a lot had happened and there were so many things in between.

Yang Siru died just like that? Yun Mengshi went missing, and Old Lady Shen was barely holding on. These were the people who once bullied Yun Bixue. He never intended to let them off, but they had already ended up like this without him even lifting his finger. He wouldn’t sympathize nor think that this had spared him of the trouble.

He was just thinking about how he should reveal this information to Yun Bixue.

“Did Old Lady Shen not mention her reason for finding Old Master Yun?”

“I think it was some important matter regarding the Yun family. She said if Old Master Yun didn’t want to come, I just had to tell him that it’s related to Yun Chenghai and he will definitely come.”

Hearing Lin Erniu words, Xie Limo fell into deep thought. His magnificent eyes were clouded with a grave look.

After the interrogation, Xie Limo got Xie Liu to release him before he left the headquarters. While he was driving home, he kept thinking about their conversation. Could there be other circumstances surrounding the death of Yun Bixue’s parents?

After mulling over it, Xie Limo activated the system in the car and got Xie Liu to investigate everything about Old Lady Shen. He also instructed him to find Yun Mengshi’s whereabouts and situation.

He would always send people to strictly monitor any threat or anyone who could possibly harm Yun Bixue.

When he arrived home, Yun Bixue was watching the news, which was currently reporting about Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan. Because of the incident at the supermarket the other day, any information about them had been dug up and reported.

Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan were now like rats running on the street—everyone wanted to get rid of them.

However, for his daughter’s sake, Su Lenghan still kept his ties with Meng Xinyan.

Just when she was getting into the news, Yun Bixue heard the doorknob turning and saw Xie Limo coming in. She got off the couch to help him with the things he was carrying and asked, “Eh? What’s wrong? You look so down. Did something happen?”

Xie Limo unbuttoned the sleeve of his suit and said, “It’s about Old Lady Shen. You remember that man who tried to stop our car in front of Grandfather’s villa? That person was sent by Old Lady Shen. She was requesting a meeting with your grandfather and said that it was something related to your father. He also mentioned that she doesn’t have much time left and that this would be their final meeting.”