Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 605

Chapter 605 The Dispute Between Old Master Yun And Old Lady Shen

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Once Old Master Yun announced that he was going to meet Old Lady Shen, Xie Limo rushed to arrange for bodyguards before driving them to the hospital.

When they arrived and found Old Lady Shen’s ward, Yun Bixue stared at the person with an IV drip attached to her hand. It was hard to imagine that this was once the overbearing and arrogant Old Lady Shen with endless schemes.

So this was what happened when people said that a person became old upon falling sick. It was a blow to those that witnessed it.

A doctor came over and looked at Old Master Yun before asking, “Are you the patient’s family?”

Yun Bixue took a glance at Xie Limo. She really didn’t want to be considered as Old Lady Shen’s family, but looking at grandfather who was caught in his memories, she could only purse her lips and reply with, “I guess you can say that!”

“If you’re her family members, please sign over here!”

Yun Bixue skimmed through the agreement paper that was passed to them. It was actually the hospital bill?

Her jaw dropped down in shock. Did she call them here just to pay for the hospital fees? Old Lady Shen was indeed filled with schemes. Even at this point, she could still make such a contract.

Looking at Yun Bixue who was unwilling and suspicious about its intentions, the doctor explained, “The situation of this patient is unique. Her son and granddaughter don’t care about her. As for the Yang family, they told us to leave her be, but as doctors, we have our responsibilities, so we had to ask for her opinion. She said that her old partner would foot her hospital bills. You’re Old Master Yun, right?”

This doctor appeared to have graduated recently. From his foreign accent, and the fact that he wasn’t humble or pushy, they could tell that he wasn’t trying to curry favor from them because of their identities.

Old Master Yun sighed before getting Yun Bixue to pay the hospital fees.

“When will she wake up?”

“She used to wake up a lot, but she wakes up lesser and lesser nowadays. Waking up three times a day was already considered pretty good. Also, she can only stay awake for around an hour. I’m her doctor-in-charge, and I can feel that she’s holding on because she’s waiting for someone. I think she still has some unresolved matters and wanted to say some things.”

After the doctor left, the three of them waited in the ward.

Later, at noon, Yun Bixue went out to buy some simple takeout food, and the three of them ate together.

When it was three in the afternoon, Old Lady Shen finally woke up. Her gaze slowly focused, and she saw Old Master Yun. When she realized who it was, she tried to sit up in a rush while she muttered some words that Yun Bixue could not understand clearly.

Old Master Yun stood up to help her before asking, “You said you wanted to see me. When I arrived here, I even paid for your hospital bills. Whatever you wanted to say, go ahead and say it.”

Old Lady Shen calmed her agitated emotions and spoke slowly. “Thank… you… for coming to see me… The evidence that stated that Yun Chenghai sold fake art, I… I…”

When Old Lady Shen was about to continue, Old Master Yun cut in. “You don’t have to say anything. From the moment the first negative news about the Shen family was reported, I’ve sent my men of sacrifice to find the evidence. They found it inside the safety deposit box of the Shen family and destroyed it.”

“No wonder… No wonder that you were so cruel during that time… No wonder you treated me in that manner!” Old Lady Shen said these words between self-mocking laughs and coughs.

Old Master Yun shook his head. “It’s not that I was cruel. We’ve spent so many years together and yet you used those matters to force my hand. After those things were gone, I just wanted to live my life peacefully.” As for why he still allowed for her to do whatever she wanted in the family, it was because even with the death of his son, he still had to protect his reputation and not let anything stain it.