Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 606

Chapter 606 The Hidden Secret

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Old Lady Shen coughed as she cackled. She used those evidence to scheme against this man, but now, she was nothing. Even her family, the Shen family, was implicated and destroyed. One could not even find a single trace of them.

Could everything she had done before was wrong? No, no… They were not wrong. At least she got this man to accompany her for so many years.

Indeed, she got to throw her weight around for so many years.

Old Lady Shen kept coughing as her old eyes stared at Old Master Yun. All girls fell in love during their youth after all.

When Old Master Yun was young, he was one of Ning An City’s most sought after bachelor. Back then, he was handsome, talented, and charismatic. She fell in love at first sight, but he was already in love with someone else. Even after using the Shen family’s power to force his hand, he still wanted to marry that woman.

After that woman died, the Shen family forced the Yun family behind their backs. The Shen family wasn’t as strong as the Yun family, but with the help from outside parties, the Yun family, despite its immense power, still faced obstacles that shook its foundation.

It was also during that time when the talented young man, Yun Chenghai, started drawing for the Yun Family Corporation, selling those pieces of art as fake antiques.

The Shen family gathered evidence of that to force the Yun family into a corner. To protect his son and not let him know about it, he had no choice but to make a deal with the Shen family.

After spending so much effort to marry this man, he still didn’t love her nor cared for the Shen family. She threatened him many times with the evidence but to no avail.

She would’ve never expected him to have destroyed the evidence. Indeed, she seemed to have underestimated him.

“You’re really a good father. It’s a pity that your son is gone. Gone…”

A murderous intent flashed in Old Master Yun’s eyes. “Shen Gui, watch your words!”

“Oh, you still remember that I have a name? You haven’t forgotten about it. Haha! Since I’m about to die and the Shen family is gone, what would matter even if I said it?”

Xie Limo spoke up from the side. “Based on what I know, Yun Muzhong is not Grandfather’s son. He’s only your son. If we were to do something to him, what can you do to us?”

With just a single sentence from Xie Limo, he stepped on Old Lady Shen’s weakness. Her face paled several shades, and her eyes widened in fear as they stared at Xie Limo.

She shivered as she looked at Xie Limo and turned to Old Master Yun. “You… You guys knew about it?”

Xie Limo languidly sat down and crossed his legs. He looked at Old Lady Shen with a vague smile, but his eyes carried a dangerous glint. Seeing the fear in her eyes, Xie Limo said bluntly, “Of course we knew about it. I also found out that Yun Muzhong was a child you had with a home tutor of the Shen family. Not only that, but I also know that you killed him so no one will find out, am I right?”

Old Lady Shen started panicking. She tugged the IV catheter out of her hand and was about to run, but Yun Bixue held her down. “Before you finish talking, you can’t go anywhere!”

“You’re talking nonsense! Nonsense… This is something you guys plotted…” Old Lady Shen kept on coughing as she said this. She didn’t know how other people found out her secret since she hid it so carefully.

“Haha… No… No wonder you never really cared for Muzhong…”

Old Master Yun closed his eyes in resignation, no longer looking at Old Lady Shen’s disgusting face. He only knew that Yun Muzhong was not his son, but he didn’t know about the details surrounding it. Hearing it from Xie Limo, he knew that it must be true. He never expected someone, who slept on the same bed with him, to have such a sinister character.