Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Let Old Lady Shen Go Crazy

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Yun Bixue leaned into Xie Limo’s embrace as she sobbed. She hated Old Lady Shen. She really, really hated the old witch. She hated that she was powerless and helpless when she was young.

Yun Bixue sniffed, tears flowing down her face like a river. She missed her parents very much. After the disaster, her world—including her younger sister’s—changed all of a sudden. The entire Yun family changed as well. Her childhood was no longer wonderful. While other children were living happily with their parents, they were being bullied by Old Lady Shen.

Back then, they could only cry. It was only after that that they realized that crying was useless. Only people who loved and cherished you would be moved by your tears. People who didn’t would only laugh and mock you.

She didn’t want to cry, but happiness and sorrow clashed in her heart. If her parents were still alive, and they missed the chance to search for them all these years, could they still find more evidence? Could they still find them?

She couldn’t speak at all—words failed to describe what she was feeling right now. She could only clutch at Xie Limo’s clothes and sob as her tears soaked through his shirt.

Seeing her like this, Xie Limo’s heart couldn’t help but ache for her.

Old Master Yun held himself up with much effort, using the wall as support. His sight was slowly blacking out, but he managed to raise his walking cane up. He gnashed his teeth in anger as the urge to knock Old Lady Shen out filled his mind.

Finally, he took several deep breaths. He tried very hard to suppress his rage as tears silently fell from his eyes. He felt miserable and guilty for what happened to his son and daughter-in-law. If he had checked and interrogated clearly when he came back that time, would things have ended differently? Would this be exposed at an earlier time when things didn’t seem to be too late?

If only he were at home and were more attentive. That year, when this happened to his son and daughter-in-law, it came too suddenly that his tremendous grief caused him to neglect these details.

Old Master Yun’s face was red in anger. He raised his walking cane at Old Lady Shen and said in a clear and decisive voice, “Shen Gui, from today onward, all traces of you will be removed from the records of the Yun family. Your name will no longer be in the book of the Yun family, and no one from the Yun family will know, let alone acknowledge your existence. Our history will not have you, and you won’t have a place in our homes. Look out for yourself in the future!”

Old Lady Shen widened her eyes. She could not believe it. Her face stiffened as she shivered in fear. In a panic, she reached out to grab Old Master Yun’s arm, but he harshly flung her away, causing her to fall off the bed.

With a dull thud, she fell on the floor and coughed out blood. She started wailing and making a commotion. “You can’t treat me like this! You can’t do that! I didn’t do anything wrong… You can’t do that…”

Old Master Yun’s decision struck terror in Old Lady Shen’s heart. That was the thing she feared most. After fighting for power for so long, her efforts were all for nothing. She couldn’t even leave a single trace in the Yun family. How could this happen?

For noble families, this was something a woman could not accept.

No matter how much of a fuss Old Lady Shen kicked up, Xie Limo ignored her and helped Old Master Yun and Yun Bixue leave the ward.

Before leaving, Xie Limo ordered the hospital staff to provide Shen Gui the best medicines, treatment, and care. It wouldn’t be an easy way out for this kind of people if they died after all.

After such a blow, Old Lady Shen became more energetic than before. With the best treatment from the hospital, she no longer looked like she was one step into her grave, but she couldn’t leave without a caretaker.

She still wanted to see Old Master Yun. Whenever she thought about his final words, she would go crazy.

After the three of them returned, Yun Bixue recovered and decided to go to Xiangnan Town. Old Master Yun also wanted to go. Finding out if his son and daughter-in-law were still alive was more important than anything else. His heart now held hope, and his health improved dramatically.