Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Yun Bilus Bliss

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As expected, Old Master Yun perked up after hearing that. His listless eyes became sharper and brighter as he tried to sit up.

Yun Bixue quickly placed a pillow behind him to support his back. “Grandfather, you weren’t this excited when I got a boyfriend! How biased!” She pretended to be jealous when she said this.

Old Master Yun chuckled. “This girl. You’re getting jealous over your younger sister? I adore both of you so much. When you guys found someone who will cherish you, I was happy for the both of you. No one could be happier than me.”

After pausing for a moment, Old Master Yun eagerly asked, “Quick, tell me. How did this happen? How did Bilu get a boyfriend? That girl is such a tomboy. She has a rough and outspoken personality.”

Yun Bixue chose to talk about the simpler facts such as how Huang Yize was good-looking, talented, and treated Bilu well. She also said that he would attend her wedding, so Old Master Yun would be able to see Bilu’s boyfriend with his own eyes.

Naturally, Old Master Yun was excited. Just from listening to Bixue, he could imagine an exceptional youth standing by his side, protecting and loving his granddaughter.

Not bad, not bad. He was quite satisfied.

Later, after Xie Limo was done with his work, he brought a basket of fruits back to the hospital and heard the laughing voices of a grandparent and his grandchild.

He placed the basket of fruits on the table and asked with a smile, “What are you talking about that made you so happy?”

“We’re talking about how Bilu caught a boyfriend. Grandfather is looking forward to meeting him!”

Xie Limo’s expression shifted before replying, “On that day, Grandfather will be happy and will be able to see a lot of people, so you have to get well soon.” He couldn’t tell Grandfather about Huang Yize’s identity as he feared that his body wouldn’t be able to take the blow from the truth.

In Country E.

Ever since Yun Bilu and Huang Yize stayed together in his villa, an incredible change happened between the two of them.

Sometimes, Yun Bilu would space out and giggle to herself in the dorm.

Xiao Huan took a bite from her apple and looked at Yun Bilu, who was smiling to herself, before commenting, “Look at her. Isn’t this girl acting silly again?”

Xiao Nan glanced up from her computer and eyed Yun Bilu. “Ever since that day when she didn’t return after their movie date, she turned into this. It happens so frequently now that I’m already used to it.”

“I still find it suspicious. Did something happen that day?”

“Who knows? Her lips are sealed tightly this time. No matter how much I asked, she wouldn’t spill, so just forget about it.”

“But I’m very curious. Young Master Huang is like a demigod. He’s quiet and mysterious. What do you think will happen when he gets passionate with our Little Lulu?”

“You know, it’s better to observe your own boyfriend! Only Little Lulu will know about it.”

While this exchange was going on, Yun Bilu was lost in her thoughts. She could only hear bits of her roommates’ conversation as she had effectively blocked off their lively chatter. Whenever she thought about that morning, when Huang Yize was beside her after she woke up, her heart rate would increase.

She had already forgotten how she reacted during that time. All she knew was she felt blissful every single time that scene popped up in her mind.

Naturally, she remembered that it was raining heavily. Huang Yize hugged her to keep her warm, and she must have tossed around in her sleep, which ended up with her hugging him like an octopus.

Ah, my heart. Flowers seemed to bloom in her eyes as she recalled it once more. At that very moment, her face revealed a rapturous expression.

“Little Lulu, you’re still daydreaming? Chu Xin brought watermelon for us. Come here and have a slice.”

“Little Lulu, are you thinking about Young Master Huang? Tell us quickly. Did you do ‘that’ in those two days? You two have progressed, right?”

Yun Bilu’s face flushed red as she pushed her friends away. “Don’t spout nonsense. Nothing happened, alright?” Even though she said that, she remembered his domineering kiss and words vividly.