Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Present?

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Thinking about those few days, Yun Bilu was beside herself with joy.

Looking at how Yun Bilu was acting, Chu Xin shoved a slice of watermelon into her mouth and said, “Here, eat this so you can cool down.”

Yun Bilu sucked a mouthful of watermelon juice. “I don’t need to!”

“You say you don’t need to, but aren’t you thinking about Young Master Huang just now? If not, you would’ve already left to study with him.”

“Well, that’s true. Why did the student conference take so many days this time?”

“I heard that it was some theater arts exchange meeting! Oh, I remember that theater school has produced many celebrities. There are a lot of beautiful girls there. Young Master Huang had better not get seduced away!”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Young Master Huang is not that sort of person. He only belongs to Little Lulu. If that’s the case, then why does he only treat Bilu well when there are so many beauties in our school?”

Xiao Nan poked Yun Bilu’s finger. “Hey, are you really not worried?”

Yun Bilu’s heart skipped a beat. She would be lying if she were to say that she was not worried. Despite the disquiet in her heart, she still answered in a steady voice, “I trust him!” Elder Sister had said before that when two people were together, they had to believe in each other and avoid doubting their words and actions.

That day, when both of them were under the same roof, she saw his domineering side that genuinely cared for her. Many people had treated her like a warrior since she was young. Even if she looked quiet and demure, people had always felt that she was strong and did not need to be protected.

It was only on that day when she felt that she was being protected and loved.

When she woke up that morning, he even cooked breakfast for her. She was so touched that she sobbed until her face was in a mess.

Huang Yize even said that if she cried again, he would not cook for her anymore, but he still cooked lunch for her after that.

Now, at this period when Huang Yize was not around, she was bored doing self-study alone as she waited for his return.

The next day, Yun Bilu was awakened by her cell phone’s ringing tone, and she groggily pressed the accept button.


“It’s me.”

Hearing Huang Yize’s voice, Yun Bilu jolted awake and sat straight up in the bed. She rubbed her hair and asked, “Why are you calling me? You’re not busy anymore?”

“I just came back this morning. You were still sleeping?” Hearing this girl’s groggy voice, Huang Yize knew that she had just woken up.

“What time is it?” Yun Bilu tilted her head and saw that it was only seven in the morning.

Huang Yize asked her to go to the student union dormitory.

After hanging up, Yun Bilu got off the bed and took a shower. She looked like a new person after washing up and changing her clothes. When she was done fixing herself, she left the dorm in a hurry.

As soon as she arrived at the student union dormitory, she saw Huang Yize from afar.

Yun Bilu ran over and smiled radiantly at him. “Were you waiting for me?”

Huang Yize’s gaze turned gentle. He held Yun Bilu’s hand and answered, “Yes, I was. Let me take you upstairs. I’ll show you something.”

Yun Bilu glanced down at their locked fingers and felt very sweet. He finally made the first move to hold her hand. Aside from this, she was also thinking about what he wanted her to see.

Oh, she remembered now. Before Huang Yize went to the exchange, he asked her what kind of souvenir or present she wanted to receive, but she had already replied that she didn’t need any gifts. She only wanted him to come back early.

Could it be that he really got a present for her?

Yun Bilu tilted her head to look at Huang Yize and almost ran into the handrail beside her.

However, before the impact, Huang Yize tugged her hand, and she was able to dodge it. “What are you thinking about? Watch where you’re going.”

“Oh, okay!”

When they arrived at Huang Yize’s dorm, Yun Bilu saw a wind chime that was made of different kinds of seashells. She gasped in surprise, and her eyes revealed an extremely pleased and delighted expression.

It was so beautiful. She loved the sea and this kind of seashells, but how did Huang Yize know about this?