Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Bilus Care And Jealousy

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After checking Huang Yize’s schedule, Yun Bilu grabbed a microeconomics textbook and shoved it into her bag.

As she prepared to leave, Chu Xin, who just came out of the study room, asked curiously, “Bilu, where are you going? I don’t think we have any class this afternoon?”

Chu Xin thought that Bilu might have gotten it wrong. It was a little weird for her roommate to see Young Master Huang today.

“I’m interested in Professor Liu’s lesson, so I’m going to attend it.”

Chu Xin processed her words before she came to a sudden realization. This girl wanted to sit in on Young Master Huang’s class! The two of them were so lovey-dovey that they couldn’t be separated for even a minute.

Shaking her head, Chu Xin carried her bag and left to return to their dorm.

When Yun Bilu arrived in the classroom, it was two minutes before the scheduled time. She cast a cursory glance around the classroom, but she did not see Huang Yize.

However, she found Ji Zhiye and went over to sit beside him.

When Ji Zhiye saw who just sat beside him, he was startled. “Yun Bilu, you… What are you doing here? Are you looking for Huang Yize? Oh, you’re going to sit beside me? Uh, like here?”

Yun Bilu stared hard at Ji Zhiye before turning to face the front of the classroom. “Yes, I’m going to sit here.”

Ji Zhiye scratched his nose. “Did you eat a bomb? Why is the smell of gunpowder so strong? Can I get permission to escape from this place?”

Yun Bilu raised her head to look at Ji Zhiye, who was muttering under his breath. “Just stay here.”

Ji Zhiye kept on scratching his nose and did not speak anymore, but he felt that Yun Bilu’s aura was pretty intense. A girl like her actually had an aura comparable to that of Huang Yize.

Usually, he wouldn’t mind anyone, but Yun Bilu was too domineering. She was the kind of person who sat wherever she wanted. He expected that he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences once Huang Yize saw this.

He couldn’t offend either of them, so if Huang Yize asked, he could only say that he was sitting here first and that Yun Bilu just came over and sat beside him on her own accord. Yes, that’s what he was going to say.

Ji Zhiye thought that everything would be fine if he said that, but he failed to account for Huang Yize’s desire and possessiveness over Yun Bilu.

When the professor started the class, everyone was listening attentively. After all, Professor Liu’s lecture was interesting, and one could learn a lot from it.

Yun Bilu listened absentmindedly and stared intently at the door, but she did not see Huang Yize enter at all.

The pen that she was holding in her hand was about to snap into two, and her anger was about to explode.

Ji Zhiye could almost see the steam coming out of Yun Bilu. He hesitated a little before speaking up, “Hey, Huang Yize said he will attend the class, so he might have been held back by some urgent matters.”

Yun Bilu was doodling in her book, and she replied resentfully, “What urgent matters? I bet he’s with another woman.”

Ji Zhiye’s jaw dropped down and looked at her in shock. “Yun Bilu, are you jealous?”

That was breaking news. Yun Bilu could actually get jealous? For real? Wow, this was too unbelievable!

“What? I can’t get jealous? Don’t forget that I’m a girl too.”

Ji Zhiye nodded profusely, afraid that Yun Bilu wouldn’t believe him. “Yes, you are a girl.” But from the way he said it, it sounded as though he was implying that she was a warrior.

Seeing Yun Bilu’s downcast face, Ji Zhiye hurriedly added, “Don’t worry about Huang Yize, alright? You’re the only one who can get near him. If he wanted to have other women besides you, he wouldn’t wait until now to find another. When he came back from the exchange, he chased me out right away. I think it’s because he had something to give to you. He assumed that I have no idea, but I only agreed to stay out because he asked before conveniently heading to the study room.”

Hearing Ji Zhiye’s words, Yun Bilu’s inner turmoil calmed a little. She was a little stubborn and reckless, but she couldn’t help it.