Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Tiny Trouble Between The Two Of Them In Class

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Yun Bilu thought about it. Ever since she became Huang Yize’s girlfriend, her attitude seemed to have changed. In the past, she wouldn’t mind it as much, but now that Huang Yize was her boyfriend, hearing that he was with another woman made her upset, and she couldn’t keep her emotions in check.

While Yun Bilu was having her inner conflict, Professor Liu asked a question then said, “The student in the pink shirt, answer this question.”

Yun Bilu was not paying attention to the lecture, so naturally, she had no idea who the professor was calling. When all the students in the classroom turned to look at her, Ji Zhiye coughed and whispered, “Yun Bilu, the professor is asking for you to answer the question.”

Yun Bilu gasped as she stood up in shock. How did she get called by the professor? She was sitting in an obscure spot, so it was supposed to be a safe spot.

Professor Liu asked in a kind voice, “What’s your name?”

While the other students were staring at her, Yun Bilu replied sheepishly, “Professor, my name is Yun Bilu.”

“Oh, that’s a nice name. Please answer this question about microeconomics.”

Since Yun Bilu did not listen to the lecture nor did she prepare for it, not to mention that she had no prior knowledge about microeconomics, she couldn’t understand the words even after reading through it. She kicked Ji Zhiye lightly under the table, asking him to help her.

Ji Zhiye was under the scrutiny of everyone, so how could he help her so brazenly? That was why Ji Zhiye pretended that he did not feel it even after being kicked a few times.

Yun Bilu kicked with more force, but Ji Zhiye simply shifted his foot away.

“Yun Bilu?”

Looking at the countless pairs of eyes on her, Yun Bilu hated that she couldn’t find a hole to hide in. Why the hell did she even come here? She was just torturing herself. Not only that she didn’t get to see Huang Yize, but she even got called by the professor. She could only bow her head down and reply, “Ah, Professor… I didn’t quite understand, so I’m not sure how to answer.”

“Yun Bilu, this question has already been asked twice. If you can’t answer this question, your score for class participation will be deducted.”

Yun Bilu figured that since this class wasn’t part of her electives, the scores wouldn’t matter to her, so she raised her head and smiled radiantly at the professor. “I understand, Professor Liu. I will work hard next time.”

Professor Liu felt that this girl had good potential. Economics needed hardworking people like her, so he replied, “Very well. You have a good attitude. What department are you from?”

Yun Bilu furrowed her brows. What’s with this professor? Next time, even with a death threat hanging over her, she wouldn’t come to this class.

At that moment, an elegant figure entered the classroom. With sunlight illuminating his figure, every movement of his body was incredibly eye-catching.

As though no one else was present, he walked over to Yun Bilu and sat beside her before speaking, “Professor, she’s my girlfriend. She’s here to see me.”

Professor Liu paused for a moment before acknowledging with, “Students nowadays are so romantic!”

Yun Bilu pursed her lips and retorted, “Professor, I’m here because I like your lecture. He’s the one who came late.”

Laughter erupted from the students. When Huang Yize lowered his head and saw Yun Bilu’s disgruntled expression, he found her amusing. There was something odd about this girl again.

He smiled apologetically at the professor before tugging Yun Bilu down to sit.

After sitting down, Huang Yize gave her a side glance and asked softly, “Weren’t you going to rest? Why did you come to class again?”

Actually, she was over the moon when Huang Yize announced to the class that she was his girlfriend in that protective tone. It made her pretty happy, but she just didn’t feel like replying to him right now.