Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Shy Girlfriend

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Yun Bilus eyes shone radiantly, and the misery she felt in her heart decreased significantly. "Was that really all to it?"

"Do you think I will lie to you?"

Yun Bilu thought about it. Thats true. Although Huang Yize seldom spoke, he detested lying and would never lie to her. Besides, even if he were to say something, he was always indifferent.

"I believe you."

"That shouldve been the case right from the start. You werent being very smart today. Did someone say something to you?" Usually, this girl was quite smart. She was smiling so happily earlier in the morning when she received her present, and he had never seen such a troubling side of her before.

Someone must have said something to her.

While they were talking, a girl was walking towards them. She appeared to be in her early twenties, and despite her youthfulness, she carried herself with a chic air and a sense of maturity. It was a breathtaking sight, like a towering wave created by howling winds.

Yun Bilu had to admit that she was very beautiful.

Upon seeing the both of them, she enthusiastically dashed over and said, "Young Master Huang, is she the girlfriend you were talking about?"

Huang Yize replied, "Yes. She went back to her dorm earlier, thats why I didnt get the chance to introduce both of you to each other."

The girl scrutinized Yun Bilu from top to bottom. "So, this is Young Master Huangs type. A girl whos gentle, demure, and pretty. No wonder you like her."

Yun Bilu was comforted after hearing that statement, but saying that she was demure?Shes not demure. Absolutely not.

Huang Yize chuckled as his chest rumbled.

Yun Bilu knew that he was laughing at her, so she used her fingers to scratch the inside of his palm.

Huang Yize stopped chuckling. "Song Die, my girlfriends a little shy. Please dont be offended by it."

"Its alright. Ill continue with my other interviews. See you around."

After she left, Yun Bilu raised her flushed face and looked at the girls departing figure.

"That woman you were talking about is her. Youre no longer jealous or troubled?"