Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Falling Into The Pains Of An Empty Heart

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Xirong Ziye looked at the night sky outside as he recalled the times when he was still a university student. Back then, he was poor, so the clothes he wore had holes in them. Bai Yaoyao would buy clothes for him and wait for him at his dorm just to give him the new clothes.

He didn’t cherish her during that time. He even once thought that the radiant gaze she had was disgusting, so he rejected her and asked her to stay away from him.

He couldn’t understand why Bai Yaoyao would spend so much effort, trying to find him to give him the things she bought for him, and why she wanted to treat him well.

He used to find it annoying, but because both of them were still studying, he had no way of avoiding her. He would always see her, but he would treat her coldly each time.

But still, she smiled and braved through it, pretending that it was nothing.

Now that he had reflected, he’d rather trap and wrong her than let her leave.

However, since he was already at this point, he had no other choice—he had to let her go. This time, it would be him who would ask her to leave.

It was like when they first met. He was always the one chasing her away.

Xirong Ziye buried his head in his arms. The gaping hole in his heart was hurting so badly.

He really wanted to see Bai Yaoyao, even if it would be the last time. However, looking at the Xiamu family’s people behind him, he could only keep his feelings and emotions in check. He needed the Xiamu family’s influence in order to secure his place as the president of this country.

There were many protests coming from the top positions of Country E, and all of them were suppressed using the Xiamu family’s power.

As for Xiamu Qingyan, he wasn’t clear on how he felt about her. Frankly speaking, she looked too similar to his first love, so much so that he would sometimes mistake her for his first love.

While Xirong Ziye’s heart was in a roaring turmoil, the clacking of high heels brought him back to the present. He turned around and saw Xiamu Qingyan, who looked like she stepped out of a painting. She looked especially dazzling under the warm lights as she approached him step by step.

Xirong Ziye’s heart trembled. Every time they met like this, he would always think that she was his first love, but whenever she got closer, he would realize that it was just an illusion.

However, it was this illusion that caused his heart to be confused. The more it happened, the emptier he felt.

Naturally, Xiamu Qingyan noticed Xirong Ziye’s trance. She stood in front of him as she gently spoke, “What? You’re not going to greet me? Or are you still anxious?”

Xirong Ziye pulled Xiamu Qingyan into his embrace as his handsome face revealed a gentle expression. “How could that be possible? Aren’t you tired? Why did you still come over?”

“I don’t know. I just felt that you’re not in a good mood lately. I told my father not to schedule so many things for you, but he refused to listen, that’s why I came here to accompany you.”

Seeing how considerate and kind Xiamu Qingyan was, Xirong Ziye shook his head. “It’s okay. Don’t blame your father. He’s just thinking what’s best for our future.” Perhaps he couldn’t blame the Xiamu family’s actions on him and Qingyan.

Such a pure and innocent girl. She probably knew nothing about this.

Out of nowhere, Xiamu Qingyan’s stomach growled, and she rubbed her tummy in embarrassment. “Sorry, I’m a little hungry.”

Xirong Ziye pulled her up, his gaze carrying a trace of tenderness. “How silly, coming to see me before eating dinner.”

Xiamu Qingyan could see the tenderness in his eyes. She gave him a soft smile, but when she lowered her head and thought of Bai Yaoyao, who was still at the White House, her expression hardened.

Because of her father’s power, Xirong Ziye agreed. She had to pretend not to know anything, but Xirong Ziye had not let Bai Yaoyao go yet. She wondered how long he was going to drag this out. After all, it wouldn’t be too good to force him.