Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Bai Yaoyaos Tears

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Xirong Ziye was tugging Xiamu Qingyan’s hand as he took her out to dinner. That loving scene was captured by the reporters, and it was promptly reported on the news. Major media companies were fighting to broadcast it.

On social media, the posts and discussions about them had countless views, all of them praising the couple.

Country E’s citizens sent their blessings, saying that the man was talented and the woman was beautiful. They were, indeed, a match made in heaven.

Some people were jealous and envious, but what was said were still mostly blessings since the happiness of the president implicated the future development of Country E.

It was often said that a happy president with a good image would bring blessings to all citizens, so everyone was looking forward to the arrival of that day.

Bai Yaoyao was still at the White House. Even though she had access to the TV, her use of her cell phone and computer were being restricted.

When she saw the news about Xirong Ziye and Xiamu Qingyan on the TV, her hand—which was currently holding a knitting needle as she knitted a sweater—trembled, pricking her own finger in the process. She stared at her bleeding finger in a daze.

She looked at the blood-stained sweater and laughed self-deprecatingly before throwing it on the floor.

Even though she knew that it would eventually come to this point, she naively comforted herself and held on. However, the news had eroded her beliefs again and again, time after time.

Since he had already chosen Xiamu Qingyan, why was he still keeping his silence? Why was he not letting her leave? Why did he keep showing affection to her? Was he worried that she wasn’t hurting enough?

This time, Bai Yaoyao understood clearly. The more she loved this man, the larger the amount of pain she was feeling right now.

“Miss Bai, you dropped this sweater.”

“It has already been stained with blood. Throw it away!”

“Miss…” The servant initially wanted to say that the sweater would be fine after a wash. It was a pity to throw it away since it was almost finished.

Although she was a servant of the Huang family, she had also gone through special training and had seen many things. She was well aware that the knitting method used on this sweater was one of a kind. It was something you wouldn’t be able to buy on the market no matter how much you paid.

She couldn’t bear to just throw it away, but looking at Miss Bai’s resolute face, she decided to remain silent.

Bai Yaoyao let her blood flow freely as she leaned against the couch and looked out the window. Her heart was hurting as it pounded. It was really, really painful.

The feelings she had for Xirong Ziye for such a long time weren’t something she could forget easily. Although she was locked up here and wanted to leave, there was still a part of her that wished to see him. She had spent so much time here with him, so it was difficult to just forget about it.

Her heart ached immensely, especially when she saw the pictures of the two of them. It was as though someone stabbed her in the chest and through the heart. They were so affectionate with each other, that much was obvious. She could see that he treated Xiamu Qingyan gently.

That expression on his face couldn’t deceive her. She knew it the best. That adoring and gentle gaze was something that was never directed at her.

This time, she clearly understood that Xirong Ziye’s love for his first love was deep, just by looking at their expressions.

She felt stupid. She was really nothing to him and yet she couldn’t let go of him.

Bai Yaoyao tilted her head up in an attempt to stop her tears, but she couldn’t hold them back. She used to be so radiant, but now, she became so gloomy and depressed. She had genuinely lost herself.

After wiping her face with her hand, all her tears came gushing out. Ah, she was crying again. How spineless could she get? She told herself that this would be the last time she cried. Really, she hated how weak she had become.

Meanwhile, seeing that the White House was still holding Xirong Ziye’s lover, the head of the Xiamu family started pressuring him again. “Oh, Ziye, it’s better for you to release the person you have at the White House. Qingyan is such an innocent girl. If you drag this further and she finds out about it later, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow. Also, if the reporters found out about it, what we’ve done so far would all be for nothing. Don’t forget how hard it was for you to sit on the position you have right now.”