Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 624

Chapter 624 About To Leave

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Naturally, Xirong Ziye understood the meaning behind Master Xiamus words. This was a reminder for him to clean up his end.

"I understand, Uncle."

"Yes, youre a smart child. Ive always been very satisfied with you. I know that you wont disappoint me. Since Im able to find out about these, its possible for the reporters to find out about it as well. As a father, I do not wish my daughter to be hurt. Qingyan has always been well protected and kind to others. She wouldnt be able to withstand the blow if she were to know this, so you must do your part well. I know that you care about Qingyan, so please think of her."

When Xirong Ziye left the Xiamu familys villa, it started to rain. Xiamu Qingyan ran out, holding an umbrella for Xirong Ziye.

She gazed adoringly at Xirong Ziye and asked with concern, "Did my father say anything weird to you again? Did he make things difficult for you?"

The moment he saw Xiamu Qingyan, the gaping hole in Xirong Ziyes heart seemed to fill up.

"Go back inside. Its raining outside. Dont catch a cold."

"Okay, please be careful. Call me as soon as you reach home so that I know you arrived safely."

Xirong Ziye nodded his head and walked to his car with the umbrella. As he drove, he rolled down the car window. The chilly wind blew inside with the cold rain. It brushed across his face, seemingly calming his heart.

Xirong Ziye drove straight to the White House. He knew that the Xiamu family was still observing his movements. This would be his last time here, and he wouldnt be able to stay for too long. He believed that reporters had their ways to take a picture of anything, so he couldnt stay long.

With a heavy heart, Xirong Ziye stepped into the White House.

When he arrived to see the house filled with dishes and Bai Yaoyao hard at work, Xirong Ziye felt a twinge in his heart as he paused in his steps.

Bai Yaoyao turned around and smiled at Xirong Ziye. "Youre back?"

"Youve heard about it?" Bai Yaoyaos smile felt blindingly painful today.

Bai Yaoyao lowered her head and put her chopsticks down before saying, "Yes. I saw it on the n