Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 627

Chapter 627 This Kind Of Man Is Rare

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These lyrics stirred the emotions within Bai Yaoyao’s heart, sending ripples through it and lifting the curtains to the memories of the past.

When they first met, she was intrigued by him, and she was moved by his seriousness and perseverance later on. He was the school’s well-known talent. Although he was poor, he was like the wind, an illusion that was so fleeting that it made her feel like he was someone untouchable.

However, after taking notice of him, she just couldn’t stop. In the midst of her youth, she hid her feelings deep within her heart and simply snuck glances at him every day, admiring him silently.

Afterwards, when his first love left, her heart ached for him when she saw how his proud self fell into despair. At that time, she didn’t think too much about it as she just wanted to be nice to him.

She couldn’t understand why that girl would leave him. How could she bear to leave this man?

Back then, perhaps she did not truly understand what love was and what her true feelings were. She used her own methods to try to be nice to him and gave whatever she could to him. Her family background was great, so she stopped buying designer goods and eating at high-end restaurants to save money and buy things for him.

But she never expected that he would be that disgusted about it.

The things she bought for him were all thrown away and never used.

She remembered how furious he would get and how he would ask her to stop buying things for him. He would treat her coldly, as though she didn’t exist.

She was so very stupid during that time. She remembered the bracelet he always wore. That bracelet was old and chipped, looking like it went through a lot. She knew that he liked it very much. Later, she found out that it was a gift from his first love.

His first love chose to date a rich heir from school, and this incident might have had something to do with his obsession with money and power in the future.

She felt like a fool the moment she thought about how she acted in the past. If life was like their first meeting, she didn’t know if she would still do the same things.

Yun Bilu saw the strange expression on Bai Yaoyao’s face and tightened her grip on her hand. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, don’t be sad. We will soon arrive at our destination. No one will be able to do anything to you. This car has been specially modified, so surveillance cameras wouldn’t be able to capture the car and the plate number by using the principle of light.”

Bai Yaoyao nodded her head and cracked a smile at Yun Bilu. “I’m okay.”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, your smile now saddens me. You’ll definitely get better now that you’re free. That Xirong Ziye was too much, but at least he finally let you go.”

The car arrived at the villa that Yun Bilu spent a night with Huang Yize the other time. Yun Bilu invited Bai Yaoyao in while Huang Yize followed behind them after parking the car.

That night, Huang Yize stayed on the bedroom on the first floor, while Yun Bilu accompanied Bai Yaoyao on the second floor. Yun Bilu was worried for her, so she wanted to keep Bai Yaoyao company by staying in the same room.

After the two of them got settled, Yun Bilu only talked about happy things with Bai Yaoyao.

Smiles appeared on Bai Yaoyao’s face from time to time as she spoke, “Bilu, that guy is your boyfriend, right? He doesn’t talk much, but I can see that he treats you pretty well.” She was happy for her younger sister. She treated Yun Bixue like a sister, so naturally, that meant that Yun Bilu was her beloved younger sister as well.

Yun Bilu rubbed her head in embarrassment. “Well, Elder Sister Yaoyao, do you really think that he’s treating me well?”

Bai Yaoyao replied in an exasperated voice, “Ah, this girl! You have to cherish him and be contented. This kind of man is rare!”