Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Like The Sun

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Yun Bilu radiated positive vibes. She was youthful, energetic, and bright like the sun. Just by standing there, people wouldn’t be able to neglect her presence.

Huang Yize recalled the first time he met this girl. That memory was still vividly clear. It was like a radiant sun, capable of hurting people’s eyes because of its brightness.

He was the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, shrouded in too much darkness. That sort of brightness shone right into his heart, and he was unable to forget it no matter what.

He once felt that he shouldn’t taint such radiance. The sun that would be tainted by darkness wouldn’t be the sun anymore. However, he forgot to account for Yun Bilu’s perseverance, which slowly chiseled away his rock hard resolve after a long time. He was already used to having her in his sights.

Not only that, he was already used to considering her as one of his when it came to protecting people. It was only later on that he realized that darkness could also be chipped away by the sun as well.

Especially that time when someone tried to ask Bilu out. She seemed to be moved by that guy and was seriously considering his confession. That really touched his nerve, so he used his influence to get that person to go home instead.

Thinking about that, Huang Yize smiled helplessly. His life was very much in her hands—he was so deep into her that he was entirely willing to do anything for her.

Meanwhile, Yun Bilu, who was talking about their past with Bai Yaoyao, was filled with joy. Even if Huang Yize was cold and treated her indifferently, thinking about this sparked joy within her. It was that incredible feeling of looking forward to something that makes a person feel blessed.

That time, she thought that liking someone meant that it was one-sided. There was no need to beg the other person to like her back. Since Huang Yize didn’t have a girlfriend anyway, she could pursue him with all her might. Thinking about it now, she realized that she had accomplished such a great feat. She should feel proud of it, shouldn’t she?

Bai Yaoyao commented, “I can hear the happiness in your voice. He likes you a lot, you know? He’s just not that good at expressing his feelings.”

Yun Bilu looked at the door and saw that it wasn’t closed properly, so she stood up and closed it shut before crawling back into the bed. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, to be honest, when he becomes possessive, it was really overwhelming.”

“You’re still embarrassed to talk about it? Quick, tell me more.”

“Not saying anything. I’m not going to say it. Oh my gosh! It’s too embarrassing…”

Bai Yaoyao hooked her arm around Yun Bilu’s and started tickling her. “Tell me! Hurry up and spill. I want to know!”

“Haha! That tickles! Elder Sister Yaoyao! Have mercy! Haha! Okay, okay! I give up! I’ll tell you about it!”

It was as though both of them had returned to the days when they played around. Bai Yaoyao was able to forget a lot of unhappy things and felt like she was still like her past self, a person filled with boundless energy.

When both of them grew tired, they fell asleep leaning on one another. When Yun Bilu groggily woke up and heard the soft and even sounds of breathing beside her, she knew that Bai Yaoyao had fallen sound asleep.

She lifted the blanket and wore her slippers before slipping out of the bedroom. She then went downstairs to find Huang Yize.

Seeing light coming from Huang Yize’s room, Yun Bilu went ahead and knocked on the door.

“Come in. The door’s unlocked.”

Yun Bilu pushed the door open and saw Huang Yize in his pajamas. He was using his laptop on the bed.

Yun Bilu was stunned speechless as she paused at the doorway. Huang Yize, who was clad in pajamas, held an entirely different feel to him. His whole body emitted a lazy elegance, intoxicating people around him.

Noticing that she stood rooted to the spot, without even saying a word for a long while, Huang Yize looked up from his laptop and asked, “Why are you just standing there?”