Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Beauty That Moves People

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Yun Bilu swallowed hard. His beauty was truly too intoxicating, so much so that she was scared that she couldn’t resist. She lowered her head and walked in without looking at him.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

An enchanting glint flashed across his eyes. “Because I knew you’d be coming over. Why do you keep standing?”

Yun Bilu looked at the bed. Why did such a big space suddenly feel so small? With just a sniff, she could smell that dark, delectable scent from him.

She wanted to sniff some more, but after seeing Huang Yize’s expression, she tentatively sat on the edge of the bed.

Even though they had been more intimate than this before, it was a stormy night that time. She was busy thinking about things from the past and did not think about ‘that.’ Now, all that filled her mind was that time when she clung on to him like an octopus.

In an attempt to hide her awkwardness, Yun Bilu coughed softly. “Huang Yize, do you think that Elder Sister Yaoyao will be alright? She looked so depressed. Xirong Ziye was too much.”

Huang Yize closed his laptop and looked at Yun Bilu’s worried expression. “When it comes to love, we can’t say who is right and who is wrong. The people in love are unable to see it themselves, while outsiders can see it clearly. You might think that Xirong Ziye is a bad person, but to some people, he might be outstanding.”

“I feel that as long as a person is not loyal, he’s not a good one.”

Huang Yize patted at the spot beside him. “Come over here. Let me analyze the current situation for you.”

Yun Bilu covered her chest with her arms and swallowed. “Hey, I know we’re a couple now, but I’m still a person with high moral integrity.”

Huang Yize stretched his arm and caressed Yun Bilu’s head. “Where are your thoughts running off to? I’m not going to do anything. Aren’t you tired sitting there at the edge?”

Yun Bilu hesitated for a while. Actually, she trusted Huang Yize. It’s just that she couldn’t trust herself. What a wretched thought, but there really was no choice.

Finally, Yun Bilu obediently leaned on the other side, and she finally relaxed. Indeed, it was comfortable to have something to lean on.

“You said that Xirong Ziye was bad, but we know nothing about how the relationship started and what happened in the process. We can’t look at the problem from the surface. Even if you were to call Xirong Ziye a horrible person in front of Bai Yaoyao, she might not feel the same way.”

“But he made her sad.”

“Love has always been complicated. It was sometimes bitter, and sometimes sweet. It’s easy to love, but it’s hard to forget, and because of that, what you need to do now is to do your best and help Bai Yaoyao walk away from it. Try not to mention anything about Xirong Ziye in the future. If you keep mentioning him, she would be constantly reminded about what happened between them. As long as she starts to lose touch with those memories, she would be able to slowly walk away from it. Also, starting a new relationship is always the best method to forget about past ones.”

Yun Bilu felt that what Huang Yize said made sense and agreed. “Yes, you’re right. I’ll follow your advice.”

After a moment, a thought suddenly struck her, prompting her to ask a follow-up question. “Is the Xiamu family really that powerful?”

“Perhaps in Country E they are.” Actually, to Huang Yize, the Xiamu family was nothing. They were a family that the Black Dragon Gang couldn’t be bothered with. If they wanted to, they could oppress them with just a lift of a finger.

But he understood that if he said too much, Yun Bilu would connect the dots and get suspicious about his family background, so he could only reply the way he did.

“Is that why Xirong Ziye gave up a great person like Elder Sister Yaoyao and chose the Xiamu family? Or was it just like what the news had reported? That he shared a great relationship with Xiamu Qingyan?”