Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 632

Chapter 632 This Girl Has Great Assets

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Huang Yize shook his head in resignation. “Don’t think too much about it. You’ll just be stressed if you do.”

“Okay, I won’t think about it, but I really am happy just by the thought of taking Elder Sister Yaoyao to Elder Sister’s wedding ceremony. Elder Sister will definitely be thrilled that we’ll both attend her wedding as her bridesmaids.” When she said this, she clasped her hands in front of her as her eyes shone in anticipation.

She was picturing her elder sister’s wedding ceremony in her head, and happiness was oozing out of her just from that. She then started talking to Huang Yize about her elder sister and brother-in-law.

“Elder Sister had been through a lot and couldn’t meet the right person who would cherish her. She was very silly, only knowing how to give and think of others. It made me wonder if women in love were all equally foolish… It’s a relief that Brother-in-law adores Elder Sister… she was his first love. Haha! You have no idea. Brother-in-law had no clue how a woman’s heart works. There was even this one time when he asked me why my elder sister was so unhappy. When I heard about it, I laughed so hard…”

Time passed as she chattered on.

Huang Yize patiently listened on as he commented from time to time, becoming Yun Bilu’s most loyal listener.

When Yun Bilu got tired from speaking, she fell asleep. After noticing that her talking stopped, Huang Yize tilted his head and saw her sleeping. This girl really slept whenever she wanted. Despite looking so troubled earlier, she fell fast asleep just like that.

What should he say about her? It was a good thing that she met him. Huang Yize wouldn’t even dare to imagine if Yun Bilu was someone else’s girlfriend. If she was this careless and vulnerable…

Thinking about that possibility, a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes. Deep in his heart, he felt that she can only be his and his alone. Only he can protect this silly girl.

Huang Yize carefully laid Yun Bilu down and tucked her in before picking up his laptop. He left for the study to continue his work.

The next day, when Yun Bilu woke up to see the light above her, she turned to the side before sitting up abruptly. This seemed to be Huang Yize’s room.

Could it be that something happened last night? She looked at her tidy clothes and the empty room before her brain started processing. She was sitting and leaning against the bedrest last night when she fell asleep, but she couldn’t recall what happened next.

Yun Bilu worried for Elder Sister Yaoyao, so she went to the second floor quickly. Seeing that no one was inside the bedroom, she started to get anxious.

While Yun Bilu was looking for her, Bai Yaoyao came out of the bathroom with foam still in her mouth. “Bilu, what’s wrong?”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, I didn’t see you around, so it gave me quite a shock.”

“I’m okay, and I’m not that weak either. When I woke up and didn’t see you around, I already knew who you went to find last night. You were with him, right?”

“Ah, no! Elder Sister Yaoyao, it’s not what you think. Nothing happened. He wasn’t even in his room.” Yun Bilu clasped her hands as she looked anxiously at Bai Yaoyao.

“You’re really not lying to me? If not, I will tell Bixue.”

“Oh my, Elder Sister Yaoyao! You’re the best. You love me the most. I swear that I’m not lying to you.”

Hearing Yun Bilu’s assurances peppered with some sweet talk, Bai Yaoyao heaved a sigh of relief. After rinsing the foam from her mouth in the bathroom, she turned to Yun Bilu and said, “Bilu, you’re still too young, you know that right? You’re only in your second year. I’ve been through this, and I can only advise you to take good care of yourself.”

Bai Yaoyao paused for a moment and gave Yun Bilu a once-over. “You have great assets, you know? Your boyfriend definitely wants you, but if he doesn’t touch you, I guess he truly does cherish you.”