Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Conversation With Her Best Friend

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Today was the day Yun Bixue would pick up Old Master Yun from the hospital, and it was also the day she and Xie Limo moved back to their old house. The original one was destroyed during the fire and rebuilt after that, but they’ve never moved back yet. Today, they would be moving back, bringing Old Master Yun and Aunt Zhou with them to have a meal together.

For Yun Bixue, it was like had she returned to the past, but for Xie Limo, it was a sign for him to start dealing with some of the noble families in Ning An City.

After finishing her meal, Yun Bixue answered a call from an unknown number from Country E.

“Bixue, it’s me, Bai Yaoyao. Goddamn girl, did you miss me? Because I miss you so much.”

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s voice, Yun Bixue became excited. “Yaoyao, is that really you? I miss you too. You told me last time that you’d be coming back, but I haven’t heard from you for so long. I wanted to find you in Country E, but Bilu told me that you left with that guy to settle your own things… I was pretty disappointed that time, but when Bilu said that she’ll come back with you, I was really excited. And now, I finally get to hear your voice.”

“Of course I have to be there at your wedding. We’ve agreed on that since a long time ago, right? The other person has to be the bridesmaid for the one who gets married first. Haha! Now, that reminds me… Remember when I said that I’ll help you deal with those horrible guys? Now’s the perfect time to get married and show off to Su Lenghan. I have no idea why he chose that Meng Xinyan. What horrible taste. He’s really stupid not to cherish you…” Bai Yaoyao tried her best to sound like her past self, so Yun Bixue wouldn’t be able to tell anything from her voice.

Yun Bixue sighed at the mention of Su Lenghan. “Su Lenghan has a daughter now.”

“What? So fast? He even has a daughter? What a surprise.” Bai Yaoyao was shocked.

“Yes, but let’s not talk about him. Su Lenghan’s situation is not very good at the moment. Meng Xinyan and Chen Pei were actually…” Yun Bixue told Bai Yaoyao about what happened to the Meng family together with the events that occured between Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan.

Bai Yaoyao spluttered in disbelief. “What? That really happened? But, you know, there’s no noble family that is entirely clean. Who asked Su Lenghan to abandon you and choose Meng Xinyan? That’s his own damn fault. And what the hell is wrong with Meng Xinyan? Even a monster wouldn’t hurt its own children!”

“I was shocked too. Besides, everything I felt for Su Lenghan had disappeared. I didn’t know about love back then. Perhaps it was because of my wish to leave the Yun family that made me treat Su Lenghan that well. Because I long for a family. Now, I understand that all sorrow and hardships will eventually go away. I’ve finally met the perfect person for me. Don’t worry and take good care of yourself. When are you coming back? I’ll be there to pick you up.”

“I still have to wait for a while. The details are not yet finalized, but it’s definitely sometime before your wedding.”

“It’s great that you’re coming back. I’ll have your bridesmaid gown made based on your measurements.”

After hearing her best friend’s words, Bai Yaoyao’s heart felt a lot lighter now. “You’re going to use my past measurements? Are you sure that I didn’t gain any weight?”

“What’s there to worry about? I’ll use your measurements from before and compare it with your photos. As long as I’ve prepared a few sets, I’m sure there’ll be a gown that would fit you.”

Bai Yaoyao couldn’t help but praise her. “How very thoughtful of you.”

Yun Bixue smiled softly. Actually, she did not think that far. It was all arranged by Xie Limo, so the attentive person was him. In order to make her happy, he spent a lot of effort.

She already thought that everything was perfect, but Xie Limo kept thinking that he owed her more. That was why she wasn’t afraid of a simple wedding. With a beauty that seeps through its simplicity, their wedding was grand enough.