Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Creation Of The Talents Team

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Yun Bixue cared a lot about her younger sister because their parents were no longer around, not to mention that their grandfather was already old. Her younger sister only had her, so she had to do her part well.

After the call, Yun Bixue returned happily to Xie Limo’s side and looked at their chess game, refilling their tea once in a while. Seeing how her two loved ones were right by her side, it was as though the sun was shining in her favor.

Two days later, both Yun Bixue and Xie Limo got busy with their work.

Snow Cloud Group was rapidly developing as profits increased every month. The employees were overjoyed since their bonus and benefits were usually linked with the company’s profits.

Everyone became happier, and they worked harder and more efficiently as they welcomed a new phase of the Snow Cloud Group. The reception to their drama, which was inspired by a game, was especially good, and it was currently leading the viewership ratings.

Yun Bixue planned to start a film company in Zi Bei City, but every time she thought about Zi Bei City, she would think about Wang Qianjin and feel conflicted about it.

Looking at Wang Man, who was seriously at work, she fell into deep thought. Initially, she wanted Wang Man to go to Zi Bei City, but now that she was together with Duan Qiushu, sending her there would mean separating the couple.

She didn’t think much about it in the past, but now, she wanted the company to expand into a larger business and move into the international field.

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Her ultimate goal was to hold sufficient power such that her organization’s actions would be able to affect a country’s economy. She wanted to be like a swordsman. She could choose not to draw her sword, but she had to have a sword in the first place to defend herself.

Yun Bixue felt that what she was lacking now was a talented team. She wanted to look through people from the international pool and select some talents to form a team.

As she thought about this, she went to find Yang Mei in her office and tasked her with it.

“Miss Yun, you can rest assured. I will gather the information you need and give the documents to you as soon as possible.”

“Yang Mei, I require people who are morally upright. Also, it would be good if half of them are Yun family’s men of sacrifice. Most of them are about to graduate, right? Pick ten of them from there and add them to this team.”

“I understand, Miss Yun.” Yang Mei understood that only strength could protect Miss Yun well. As long as it was something Miss Yun wanted, she would do her best to support it.

Because of recent events, Yun Bixue understood the importance of getting stronger. The sorrow Xie Limo felt because of the fire and explosion had upset her immensely as well.

As if thinking of something, Yang Mei spoke, “Miss Yun, according to the information we’ve gathered, we found two to three noble families that were involved. We’ve already assigned the Snow Cloud Group and the Yun family’s men of sacrifice to deal with them silently. We will strike them when they least expect it.”

“Yes, you’ve done well.” Yun Bixue remembered Xie Limo mentioning that he would never let these people off, so he must have dealt with them beforehand.

As Yun Bixue walked towards the door, she recalled another thing. “It’s been a while since I’ve heard any news from Yun Dong.”

“Miss Yun, Yun Dong went to Tian Jing City with Xu Miaodan. She’s already gained all of Xu Miaodan’s trust, and she’s now playing wildly at Tian Jing City. She said that she will help set the foundations for Miss Yun in the future.”