Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Cant Help But Admire

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Hearing Xie Limo’s statement, Qin Huailing took a moment to consider his words. The coldness in his eyes disappeared, and his lips that were like cherry blossoms tilted up into a smile. “Young Master Xie, as expected, you are indeed attractive. I would have fallen for you if I were a woman.”

Xie Limo’s eyebrows twitched as he bluntly said, “It’s a pity you aren’t a woman, so we can only cooperate with each other.”

“If I were a woman, would you consider? That is, of course, without taking into account my crippled leg.” Qin Huailing lowered his head and looked at his leg. As if recalling about that dark past, his clear gaze chilled a few degrees.

“Qin Huailing, your question is ridiculous. Besides, I only have my eyes for my wife. Any other woman won’t do. That’s my answer.”

“Faithful and loyal. No one will be able to steal her away, but you have to be careful of Young Master Wang—Wang family’s Wang Qianjin!”

Xie Limo nodded. “Thank you. As long as I’m here, adoring and loving her, no one stands a chance.”

“Young Master Xie is smart indeed. With that high EQ, you’re going to adore her so much that she can’t leave you, right?” Qin Huailing looked deeply at Xie Limo as he joked.

“When I work hard for something, it’s not for a goal or reason. It’s for her happiness. I have a responsibility not to let her regret following me.”

With these questions and the way Xie Limo answered them, there was no way Qin Huailing could not admire this man. His abilities and power left no room for doubt, and his EQ and IQ were exceptional as well.

This was why Su Lenghan missed Yun Bixue, while Xie Limo acknowledged her in an instant.

Thinking about how Su Lenghan was spending his days now, Qin Huailing couldn’t help but sigh.

“Yun Bixue is a brilliant woman.” This was his conclusion. Although he had not interacted much with her, he had been through a lot when he was young, so he had learned how to read people.

Initially, when he was together with Miss Yuan, they were also a pair envied by many. It was a pity that he didn’t know much about women back then, so it was inevitable that Miss Yuan left him after the accident.

“I know,” Xie Limo replied.

Waves roared in Qin Huailing’s heart as he picked up the pen before signing his name on the contract. “If I’m able to get and secure the power of the Qin family, the Qin family will be on the Xie family’s side. If you have any orders, we will obey them.” Qin Huailing was well aware of the Northern Xie Southern Wang, so he knew and understood that all noble families would eventually have to pick their side.

Although the scene was still slightly diverse, and many noble families still sided with major families in Tian Jing City, the people who truly held power and influence were the Xie and Wang families.

At Qin Huailing’s declaration of his loyalty and sincerity, Xie Limo nodded his head, and Xie Liu took out another set of documents.

Xie Limo passed this new set of documents to Qin Huailing. “This is the detailed information about the Qin family. It contains both things you already know and don’t know about. Everyone’s weakness is clearly written there so you can make use of it. As long as you adapt your methods to the situation, you’ll be able to control them.”

Qin Huailing flipped it open and skimmed through it. It contained Aunt Qin’s life experience and her weaknesses—all the things he could never find no matter how hard he tried, and yet, Xie Limo found them so effortlessly.

He was astounded, but he finally got a glimpse of the Xie family’s power. They were definitely not people who ordinary noble families could trifle with. He was lucky that he didn’t stand on the wrong side from the start.

“Many thanks!” This was his heartfelt gratitude. After waiting for so long, he could finally make his move. He was nervous and excited. He could finally have his revenge for his leg!

Watch out, Qin family.

“No problem. Make your moves soon. When the Qin family falls into your hand, I will give you another great gift.” As Xie Limo spoke, he threw an ambiguous glance at Qin Huailing’s leg.