Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Meng Xindan

Yun Bixue reviewed the contract she agreed upon with Duan Qiushu and couldn't help but feel rueful. This world actually had someone so foolishDuan Qiushu had given all the benefits to Yun Bixue, not caring about himself.

She was fortunate to have met such a talented person. Making a trip to her ancestral home, Yun Bixue requested for Uncle Liu to transfer two skilled computer experts to be Duan Qiushu's assistants. After interacting with him for some time, she found out that he did have the expertise, but he still had to buff up his management skills.

The Yun family business might have gone bust, but her grandfather's secret companySnow Cloud Groupwas now under her grasp. She would inherit the business and let it flourish. She would make her Yun family so esteemed that no one in Ning An City would dare to trifle with them.

Su Lengxian arrived at the Meng family's residence and happily chatted with Meng Xinyan. "Elder Sister Xinyan, you must have heard the news. Miao Zifu was sent to jail for fraud. Sigh, I met her before, and according to my elder brother, she still came here for a meal with Young Master An some time back..."

Meng Xinyan listened to Su Lengxian's words and sighed. She was glad she hadn't interacted much with Miao Zifu; it was better to stay away from someone like her.

"It's okay. We'd most probably meet someone like her only once. It's not an issue." Despite her words, Meng Xinyan still felt uneasy. Back at the supermarket entrance, many passersby had seen her together with Miao Zifu. It would be detrimental to her reputation if she were implicated.

Just as Su Lengxian and Meng Xinyan were gleefully talking, Meng Xindan came down from the second floor. With a poker-face, she merely crossed the first floor and left the house.

Su Lengxian stood up in a rage. "Elder Sister Xinyan, you treat her as your elder sister but look at how she behaves. You provide her with food and clothes, but she doesn't know any better!" Su Lengxian vented her anger for Meng Xindan on Meng Xinyan.

Meng Xindan knitted her brows and put on her shoes, ready to leave.

"Elder Sister, we have a guest at our home. Couldn't you say something?" Deep in her heart, Meng Xinyan was envious of Meng Xindan. The latter was pretty and more talented than her. Moreover, she wasn't restricted by the status of being the top socialite.

Meng Xindan smirked. "She's your guest and not mine!"

Chen Pei coincidentally left the kitchen, and upon hearing such words, she said scoldingly, "Xindan, this family has provided you with food and clothes, why are you still unsatisfied? Since you're so unwilling to stay at home, your father will arrange for your marriage after your sister's engagement. That way you won't be unhappy anymore!" Chen Pei's words were dripping with sarcasm and even held an underlying threat.

Meng Xindan tightly clenched her fists and then she relaxed. "Many thanks, Aunt Chen." Her surroundings were full of dangerous people, and she was already used to it.

Su Lengxian gloated at the side. No one had ever disregarded her status as the daughter of the Su family, and this was the price Meng Xindan had to pay for ignoring her.

Old Master Shen's family had spent a fortune to suppress the hot scandal. Zhu Quan's family had also been offered compensation fees, and they had even negotiated with the prisons to shorten Zhu Quan's sentence.

After putting an end to everything, Old Master Shen felt like he had aged rapidly. Lying on his bed, he looked expectantly at his eldest son and grandson. "Act quietly during this period of time. Do not let the media catch on to something that can be used against us. Our Shen family is a noble family, and we can't let it collapse just like that." Sigh, his dear sister had been too muddle-headed; she had taken a wrong step and instead sabotaged her parental family.

Shen Wenqi looked at the Old Master, who had been busy running around recently, and felt his heart ache. "Dad, how could the reporters of Ning An City act so brazenly these days and not let our family off the hook? Who fed them the courage to do so?"

" Cough, cough. What do you know? The imperial capital sent Young Master Xie to wield control over our city. Their first action was to prevent families from working together underground. They also empowered the media with sufficient rights, which was why they are now free to slight us."