Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Arranging Everything For Her

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Qin Huailing heard Xie Limo, but at that moment, he had no idea what this great gift was.

With regards to those who had helped his wife, Xie Limo would never be stingy in repaying the debt. He had promised in the past that he’ll find the best doctor to treat Qin Huailing’s leg.

Later, he had also reviewed detailed information regarding Qin Huailing’s leg and found an internationally renowned doctor, who assured a seventy percent chance of recovery. He believed that this would be great news to Qin Huailing.

However, this would have to wait until everything was settled in Ning An City.

After his meeting with Qin Huailing, Xie Liu drove Xie Limo back to their temporary residence.

On their way there, a cold glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes as they drove past Senior Hong’s residence.

Xie Liu noticed the change in Young Master Xie’s eyes and asked, “Young Master Xie, do you want to make a move on Senior Hong?”

“We’ll stay quiet for now. After all, we need to cast a long line to catch a big fish. You still have no leads on Wang Qianjin’s whereabouts?” Wang Qianjin might have saved Yun Bixue, but because of him, his wife had slapped herself on her face. In order to escape, she had even stabbed herself on her leg while driving.”

All of these made his heart suffer, that was why he blamed it all on Wang Qianjin. Although he had nothing against Wang Qianjin, he wanted to prevent him from doing anything else.

“Young Master Xie, Wang Qianjin is too cunning. We can only guess where he had appeared. If we were to conduct a proper search, it would be difficult.”

Xie Limo’s brows knitted slightly as he instructed, “Continue searching.”

“Yes, sir.”

As though he had just thought of something, Xie Limo backtracked and said, “No, there’s no need to search anymore. Let our men in the South make a commotion. It would be best if it messed up the Wang family’s headquarters. That way, Wang Qianjin would want to return to settle the mess.” He would be holding his wedding ceremony with Bixue very soon, and he didn’t want anyone to cause any interference. Naturally, he wanted to find a way to distract Wang Qianjin and make him return to the South.

Xie Liu was somewhat taken aback by this, but he continued driving in a calm manner. He didn’t understand why Young Master Xie wanted to do that. By doing so, he would expose many of the steps that the Xie family had planned.

“Young Master Xie, do you really want to expose ourselves?”

“Yes.” To Xie Limo, he didn’t mind messing up his plans for Yun Bixue. She was a surprise that came unexpectedly, and she was also the person that he wanted to protect. Therefore, everything that he did later had his wife in his considerations. He was willing to do anything for her.

Once they arrived at the temporary residence, Xie Limo began organizing his documents on Zi Bei City. He listed out all the movie companies in Zi Bei City and highlighted some of the prominent senior figures.

“Inform these people privately. Under the Xie family’s instructions, they have to protect and support Bixue if she were to set up a movie company here. If anyone objects, they will be blacklisted immediately!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Arrange for Zhou Pingyu to meet me.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Zhou Pingyu met Young Master Xie in secret, he couldn’t contain his excitement. After all, it was all because of Xie Limo’s help that he had everything now.

“Young Master Xie.”

Xie Limo turned away from the window and looked at Zhou Pingyu, who looked completely different from when he last saw him. He now carried himself with confidence, as though nothing would hold him back.

Xie Limo said, “No need for formalities. Sit!”

After Zhou Pingyu sat down, he began talking about everything in Zi Bei City.

“You are now vying for Zi Bei City’s top position with someone else?”


Xie Limo pondered for a while then turned to his laptop to retrieve some information. After reviewing the detailed profile of Zhou Pingyu’s political rival, he turned the laptop around so Zhou Pingyu could take a look. “This is the life profile of that person. He has a lot of negative news staining his reputation. Although they have all been covered up, they can be exposed after some investigation. He isn’t morally upright like what the news have claimed him to be. As long as you get the media to report all these at the end of your campaign, Zi Bei City will be yours.”