Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 644

Chapter 644 She Is His Weak Spot

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Yun Bixue obeyed Xie Limo and closed her eyes, but that beautiful and captivating scene kept replaying in her mind. However, she still lacked some sleep, and since Xie Limo was by her side now, she felt safer and fell into a deep slumber.

When she woke up later, Yun Bixue felt refreshed and alert. After seeing Xie Limo beside her, an elated glint flashed across her eyes. Now that he had returned, it felt exceptionally wonderful.

She was no longer alone and lonely.

Sometimes, she would dream of the past, and whenever she woke up after those dreams, she would feel really blessed that she had met Xie Limo. It was him who gave her a warm and blissful family. It was him who stopped her from wandering around aimlessly.

Those days in the past, when she felt lost and wandered around, were simply too unbearable and lonesome.

It was now eight in the morning, and her husband was still sound asleep. He must be exhausted too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sleeping so deeply. Although he didn’t mention anything about how he spent the last three days, she knew that he didn’t have a proper rest, just like her.

Yun Bixue stared at his beautiful face and couldn’t stop herself from touching him. After making sure that he was still sleeping, she gently caressed his face with both of her hands. Her heart was brimming with praises for him as she admired his features. He was absolutely perfect. This wonderful person was her husband. With that thought in mind, she felt so happy that flowers were seemingly blooming in her heart.

Xie Limo had actually woken up at the same time as Yun Bixue. He had wanted to find out what this girl would do, that was why he didn’t move an inch. Little did he expect that she… She really made him speechless.

Xie Limo thought that if he didn’t open his eyes now, this girl would let her hands wander even further.

Without any warning, Xie Limo opened his eyes and grabbed Yun Bixue’s hands. He then flipped her over on her back, instantly trapping her between his body and the mattress.

“You little naughty girl. What are you doing while I’m not paying attention?”

After being caught red-handed, Yun Bixue avoided his gaze and closed her eyes, refusing to say anything. Why did he wake up? Her hands had clearly been gentle and careful.

Xie Limo stared fixedly at his wife’s elegant lips. He lowered his head and kissed her. This kiss was as gentle and soft as a breeze, and it showed his indulgence towards her.

Yun Bixue slowly responded to his advances. Just as she was about to lose control of herself, Xie Limo let her go. She had just woken up, and he didn’t want to tire her out at the moment.

When Yun Bixue caught her breath, Xie Limo said softly, “Get up. We have a lot to do today.”

After breakfast, Xie Liu left for the political headquarters.

When he came back later in the evening, Xie Limo brought Yun Bixue to the study after having their dinner. He placed a stack of documents on the table and spread them out. “These are information on the big households in Ning An City. We’ll select a few families from here and groom them to be the new rising families.”

Yun Bixue shuddered, and a glint of doubt flashed across her eyes. “Are you saying that these families will replace those noble families in Ning An City?”

“That’s right. We are eliminating those forces that are not within our control.”

Yun Bixue was rather shocked. She asked in a voice full of doubt, “Is that okay?”

Xie Limo nodded. “My wife, you have to trust your husband. It’s because of those noble families that I almost lost you. Also, this is just the beginning. I’ll let them know that the Xie family isn’t one to be trifled with.”

Yun Bixue added, “They will also understand that they shouldn’t provoke me, Young Madam Xie, right?”

Xie Limo pulled Yun Bixue into his embrace and said, “Of course. You are my weak spot, and nobody is allowed to touch you. I’ll let them know the consequences of offending you.”

Those words touched Yun Bixue’s heart, making her feel warm inside. Her whole body felt as though a ray of sunlight was shining directly on her. Afterwards, she reviewed the documents with Xie Limo, and they began to select families to groom.

Once they finalized their choices, Xie Limo said, “After some time, we’ll organize a business meeting with these families and gather everyone.”