Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 647

Chapter 647 News From The Headquarters

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Xie Limo placed his hand on the back of Yun Bixue’s head and didn’t allow her to leave. Instead, he returned the favor and deepened the kiss even further. “You even gave me a nickname! This deserves a punishment!”

Yun Bixue smiled warmly against his lips, and the expression on her face looked radiant. “You really are a wicked fox.”

Xie Limo answered in an indulgent voice, “Sure, I am whatever you say I am!”

Yun Bixue moved out of his embrace and tidied up the documents on the table. She then said to Xie Limo, “You’ve worked hard today. Have an early rest.”

“Yes. Go take a bath first. I’ll just wrap things up and settle some matters first, okay?”

“I’ll help you!” Yun Bixue felt sorry for Xie Limo and thought that he had never had enough sleep ever since he returned. When he went to Zi Bei City, he had been occupied with work and definitely didn’t rest well. Now that he was home, she wanted her to sleep well and not be stressed out.

Xie Limo pulled Yun Bixue’s hand and walked out of the study, bringing her to the bathroom. “Hurry up and go in, my dear. Be good, okay?”

Yun Bixue pursed her lips and replied, “Okay, fine. I’ll take a bath first. Finish your work quickly. Let me tell you that I won’t sleep if you keep working.”

“Don’t worry. When you’re done bathing, I’ll keep you company.”

After Yun Bixue entered the bathroom, Xie Limo went back to the study and requested for Xie Liu to meet him.

Xie Liu arrived shortly after. Looking at Xie Limo’s solemn expression, he knew that there must be something serious.

Xie Limo briefly explained his plans, then instructed, “Get in touch with these twenty families and check if there are any issues. If there’s none, invite them to the business meeting. After that, spread the word about it. Make the impact as huge as possible.”

Listening to Young Master Xie’s words, Xie Liu shivered. He couldn’t believe that Young Master Xie was really trying to reshuffle the entire hierarchy of Ning An City. Nonetheless, he wasn’t surprised. After all, these people had hurt Young Madam. Judging from how much Young Master Xie loved her, he would definitely make a move.

He believed that those people will surely regret their decisions.

After listening to Young Master Xie’s instructions, Xie Liu left to carry out his orders.

Meanwhile, in a villa somewhere, Wang Qianjin was lounging lazily on the sofa and enjoying his grapes. Relishing the attention of the beauties around him, a faint glint flashed across his eyes. It was hard to decipher what he was thinking at that moment.

These two beauties had been specially trained by the Wang family to specifically take care of Young Master Wang. They were responsible for feeding him fruits and serving him wine, and they didn’t dare to make a sound as they fulfill their duties.

After a while, a man in black entered the villa. While holding some documents, he bowed respectfully and said, “Young Master Wang, the headquarters sent some news!”

A glint flashed across Wang Qianjin’s eyes. Those eyes may look very gorgeous, but they were dangerous too.

The two beauties immediately left in a courteous manner and left the room to the two men.

Wang Qianjin removed his legs from the coffee table and leaned against the sofa. “What is it? Speak!”

“Young Master Wang, there was an explosion in the main area of the family’s headquarters. It caused a stir among the elders. You need to return to personally manage the situation.”

Hearing this news, Wang Qianjin immediately sat up straight. His intoxicating gaze turned grave as he stared at the man in black. “What did you say? There was an explosion at the main area of the headquarters?”

The man in black listened to Young Master Wang’s cold voice and shuddered. His head bowed even lower as he nodded. “Yes, I, your subordinate, would never dare to deceive Young Master Wang.”

“Why did something like this happen?” Wang Qianjin really couldn’t comprehend this. The main area of the Wang family’s headquarters was very important, so not many people know its location. How did anyone find out about it? And how did the explosion happen?

A sinister expression appeared on Wang Qianjin’s face as he stood up. He announced coldly, “Return to the headquarters in the South immediately!”