Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 649

Chapter 649 The Noble Families Problem

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Xie Limo watched as the plane vanished before his eyes before finally looking away. Wang Qianjin would definitely get back at him the next time they cross paths, but he wouldn’t allow him an opportunity to do so.

He believed that Wang Qianjin would never forget about the huge ‘gift’ that he had bestowed upon the main area of the Wang family. The scale of the matter would be beyond his expectations, and he would be too occupied with it.

Of course, these ‘favors’ were all returned back to Wang Qianjin on behalf of his wife. He would let everyone know that no one could have any ideas on his wife. She may be his weak spot, but she was also his source of strength.

At the Fang family, the old master nearly fainted after hearing his subordinates’ report. “What did you say? What did you say? All the money and assets we’ve directed to the South are all gone? What happened? Didn’t you say that it’s completely risk-free? Huh?” As he said this, he pointed his trembling finger at his subordinates.

The head of the Fang family’s face turned pale. He was so livid that his vision started to turn black.

Half of their finances were gone! Just like that!

“Say… that again. Say that again!” The old master managed to say this between coughs.

“Old Master, it’s all true. This is the news that I have just received. Also, there’s only two or three survivors.”

However, the old master didn’t say anything. He just kept on coughing.

“Old Master? Old Master, are you okay?”

Panting loudly, the head of the Fang family rested against the sofa. After an hour, he finally called the four families over for a meeting.

When the five families gathered, they began whining to each other. “Lately, our restaurants have been giving us problems, and the complaints from our customers keep on coming.”

“Same here. The products of my Ma family have been exposed online. They’re claiming that my products are fake, and the Quality Control Council found some issues with them. They’re going to be removed from the shelves now…”

“My family’s real estate businesses are having some problems too. Most of our investors and clients are requesting to pull out… I’m so frustrated that I feel like spewing blood!”

After the families have whined and vented out their frustrations, everyone finally realized that something was amiss. “Wait, isn’t this weird? Why are we the only ones affected?”

Everyone thought about it, their hearts thumping erratically. While their eyes twitched uncontrollably, the head of the Fang family said nervously, “Erm… Do you think Young Master Xie was behind this?”

“I don’t think so. How is that possible?”

“That’s right. It’s been such a long time since that incident. If Young Master Xie knew that we were involved, he would have done something right away. He wouldn’t have waited for such a long time!”

“But these troubles are too nerve-wracking. If this continues, how can we still be considered noble families? We haven’t experienced these issues in a hundred years. I can’t even fall asleep!”

The head of the Fang family finally stood up. “Think about it. After we acted against Young Master Xie that day, something happened to us and our businesses at the same time. It’s not just a coincidence. Didn’t we all experience some problems?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Seems that way!”

Once everyone contemplated their situation, they realized that it definitely wasn’t a coincidence that their businesses met continuous mishaps. The same idea popped into everyone’s heads. Was Young Master aware all along and had been suppressing them? The only thing he didn’t do was become aggressive.

The five families shuddered. Glancing at each other, they didn’t know what to do next. Perhaps they all regretted their actions deep down. They had believed that they would be fine, and no one would ever find out, but little did they expect that Young Master Xie had already discovered the truth long ago.

Judging from Xie Limo’s way of handling things, they understood that he surely wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily. The Shen, Zheng, and Du families were all examples from the past. They didn’t even dare to harbor any hope of surviving this.

“What should we do now? Old Fang, think of something. You’re the one who initially put our plans together. This affects the progress and dignity of our hundred-year-old families. A hundred years! We have to keep and pass down our legacy to our future generations. Quick, think of something…”